My Feature in Sesi Magazine! (^_^)

Hey guys!  So 6 WHOLE months ago I was asked to be featured in an article for the relaunch of Sesi Magazine , a quarterly magazine created by Andrea Butler and based out of Washington, D.C. that caters to adolescent African American young women (and anyone who knows me knows how much compassion I have for the wellbeing of teenagers, especially teenage girls).  In their own words, here’s what Sesi Magazine is all about:

Sesi is dedicated to providing Black teen girls ages 13 to 19 with not only a magazine, but a community that celebrates who they are and where they come from.

Sesi, which means “sister” in the Sotho language of South Africa, is the fresh, new teen magazine edited for YOU, today’s eclectic Black teenage girl. It is dedicated to providing you with a community that focuses on celebrating you and your culture by covering beauty, fashion, relationships, health, education, careers, entertainment, social issues, and more.

At Sesi, we know you are searching for a magazine that dedicates itself to aspects of Black culture such as music, movies, celebrities, hair care, beauty and fashion. We also recognize that you are also concerned about social issues, future education and careers, culture, health and relationships, and we cover the entire gamut.

Being passionate about the adolescent population and having two teenage sisters who are the ideal target audience for a magazine like Sesi, I was definitely drawn to the magazine and the brand and was super excited to have the opportunity to be featured in their Winter 2012 quarterly issue!  And I can’t believe I forgot to share it with you guys! Thanks so much to Andrea for sending me a copy of the feature and allowing me to share it with you all on the blog today 🙂

Work It, Girl Winter-page-2

If you’re interested in learning more about Sesi Magazine, head over to their website and subscribe to the magazine!  It’s only $8.00 for a one year subscription to the quarterly magazine.  Definitely worth missing 2 cups of Starbucks coffee! lol

Love and God Bless,

– T


Shout-Outs: My Blogspirations

Hey Everyone!  Hope your work/school/regular week started out on a great foot.  I just wanted to do a quick post to shout out those people that kinda gave me that little push to get back into blogging (unbeknownst to them lol).  I hope you guys check them all out!

(In no particular order)

Soul Rebel  – He’s another med student that’s sharing his thoughts with the http://www.  His posts are diverse as well with different series such as 5 Hot Things, Girl of the Moment, Good Music, Politics, and more!  Check him out.

Natural Chica – If you are a natural girl out there and aren’t familiar with this blog, you musta been under a rock or something for the past year.  Natural Chica is an awesome resource for those long-time naturals, those transitioning to natural hair, and those who recently did their “Big Chop”.  Even though I’m not natural, I’ve been able to learn A LOT from her blog because at the end of the day, principles for keeping your hair healthy are the same regardless of whether it’s natural or relaxed.  She has several special features such as Empresa Spotlight, in which she highlights a business owned by a fellow natural, and FAB TWA, where she highlights different natural chicas rocking their “teeny weeny afros” (TWA).  Definitely worth stopping by 🙂

The Feisty House – I’ve recently started reading these ladies’ blog and they are so chic.  Period.  They are also natural hair ladies and they focus on “Styling Natural Hair From Head to Toe” (love it lol).  So a lot of their posts are about natural hair care and styling along with various fashion topics.  Take a look at their blog and before you know it you’ll have turned into a Feisty (lol)

MD in MD – Yet another med student 🙂  The title of the blog speaks for itself.  He posts on pretty much any and everything and he’s kinda funny, just a lil bit…lol.  No he’s great 🙂

Brand New Day – Even though this guy recently decided to stop blogging, the posts that he’s put up in the past have been on point.  He is (you guessed it) another med student who pretty much keeps it 100% real even as it comes to himself.  His inspirational thoughts and viewpoints on life are very interesting and often random as well lol.  Pretty cool reading.

Protecting Your Crown and Glory – When I first started actually becoming interested in really taking care of my hair, this blog was one that helped me THE MOST.  The creator, Dprincess28, is an author and just enjoys being a girly-girl and I love it.  She does a lot of tutorials on hair, make-up, and even vlogs on her hair woes.  She’s awesome.

Hairlicious Inc. – This lovely lady from Canada is a fellow relaxed lady (yay!  I have company! lol).  She also gives a lot of tips on how to maintain healthy hair.  Her hair journey is amazing.  Her quest was basically to prove that African American women could have long, healthy hair while being relaxed.  And one look at her hair and you will know that she has been quite successful.  I’ve learned a lot from her posts as well.

I hope you guys get to check out my Blogspirations.  They are all unique and I truly appreciate their willingness to share their experiences and thoughts with the world.  Continue doing what you do guys!

Love and God Bless,

– T