Q&A: Milk of Mag & Powder vs. Liquid Foundation

Hey guys!  So one of my friends asked a question in reply to my last post and I thought I’d share the answer with you all.  Hope it’s helpful for anyone else out there wondering and feel free to ask me any questions about anything on my blog 🙂


What is this milk of magnesia stuff that u mentioned helps control oil? any other recommendations for preventing oiliness? i’ve found that using a powder foundation instead of liquid helps. what has ur experience been with liquid vs. powder foundation?


Hey girl 🙂

Okay so Milk of Magnesia (MOM) is the main ingredient that you find in Philip’s stool softener stuff and can also be used as an antacid. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but there’s the thing.  Physiologically, when MOM is ingested, it acts to draw water out of surrounding tissues to increase water content in stool so it’s easier for people to go. It works in a kind of similar fashion on the face. When applied it helps to absorb any excess oil or unwanted moisture on the face so that there’s less shine throughout the day. I’ve found that when applied under my foundation primer or regular moisturizer it really does help with controlling oil.

As far as powder vs. liquid foundation, I’ve tried them both. And I have to admit that I initially was not very fond of liquid foundation at all because of my oily skin. It would start melting in no time. But I’ve found with the right prepping products (MOM, foundation primer, setting powder, and now this setting spray). Liquid foundation is awesome! It gives really even coverage and definitely doesn’t give the cakey appearance that I’ve experienced with many powder foundations.

Thanks for commenting and I hope this helped! And if you have anymore questions feel free to ask!

– T