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I posted this picture on Instagram over the weekend and shared a testimony that is still being written…see below…

This picture right here is a visual testimony and here’s why. When I first moved to PA, I struggled with finding my place in serving and ministering in a new environment. In fact, I struggled with whether I wanted to be involved with ministry at all. Back in the DMV I was involved in pretty much EVERYTHING at my home church and had begun to feel very burned out. But over the past 2 years here in PA, I have been blessed to have the humbling privilege to serve musically…and sing many a new song unto the Lord as the amazing team and I usher the comgregation into a state of worship. Tonight I am reminded that God places you where He knows you can serve. There’s no use running or hiding. Embrace how and where you can be used by Him to reach others. He can always use you, no matter who or where you are. #NoteToSelf…. #HappySabbath 

I’m so glad that God has continued to allow me to serve Him even right where I am.  No matter where life takes me in the future (yeah…my life will definitely be changing in the next 6 months…Pray church…), I pray that I will never lose sight of who and whose I am and always possess a heart of worship.

Oh yeah….decided to share some notes with y’all… 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T

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The Hymn Challenge 2013!

Hey guys!  So you guys know how much I love music and singing and Jesus lol.  Well, when I found out that my friend Larwin (check out his YouTube channel HERE) started this challenge called “The Hymn Challenge 2013” I was super excited and definitely wanted to participate.  I shared a video of me singing “God Will Take Care of You” that I uploaded probably 2 years ago not thinking that I’d have time to record and upload anything new BUT where there’s a will, there’s a way and God provided that way for me to share again!

The hymn that I decided to sing to participate is Hymn #485 (as you’ll see in the video, I definitely forgot the number…shame shame shame) “I Must Tell Jesus”.  It’s one of my all time favorites.  Find out why by checking out the video below then later, find out how to participate in The Hymn Challenge 2013!

So if you love hymns as much as Larwin and I do, here’s how you can participate!

#1.  Check out THIS VIDEO for instructions on how to participate.
#2.  Join the Facebook group linked HERE.
#3.  Upload your video and share your hymn story!

I can’t wait to see what hymns you all select and as always thanks for stopping by the blog!  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s reveal of my 25th Birthday outfit winner chosen by you guys!

Love and God Bless,

– T