Here Comes The….Wedding Guest! // Kwesi & Rebekah


This past weekend I had SO much fun celebrating with my big cuzzo, Kwesi, and his new wife, Rebekah, as they tied the knot in Toronto, CA.  I always have fun whenever my family gets together.  The ceremony was beautiful (and time-efficient \(^_^)/ ) and the reception was a BLAST.  I ate way too much and danced more than enough to burn off all the calories I ate for the entire trip (can we say Dollah Wine? ‘Nuff said).  I am so so happy for my cousin and I pray that they as a couple continue to love each other unconditionally and keep God first.

And of course, here’s what I wore.  It was an all-Zara ensemble and I loved it 🙂 I kept the makeup really neutral and light with more emphasis on the eyes.






Dress – Zara / Belt – Zara / Shoes – Zara

Already planning for next year because another cuzzo is getting married!  And it’s a destination wedding!!! I. Cannot. Wait.

Until next year!

Love and God Bless,

– T

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Here Comes The…Wedding Guest (Finale): Auntie Estra & Uncle Lester

They say true love is timeless and knoweth no age (that last part I may have made up…but it’s true!)

(Cover) DSCN2724

This past weekend my family and I traveled to New York for my aunt’s wedding (as mentioned in yesterday’s post).  I am just soooooo happy that she’s found such a great, loving and caring man who is just right for her to lead and be the priest of her home!  When I tell you God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect, believe it!  No matter how long it takes, God will give you WHAT you need, JUST when you need it most.  Don’t get me to sharing testimonies….mercy!  I’m so happy for both of them and the amazingly beautiful blended family that now exists (no like seriously…3 fahn sons and a gorgeous teenage girl!  It’s kind of ridiculous how beautiful they all are…lol)

For this final wedding of my 2013 season, I wanted to of course do another pop of color but definitely something a bit more grown up and elegant.  My first dress was sexy and classy.  The second wedding guest dress was fun and flirty.  This time…Nordstram Rack really hooked me up!







Dress – Nordstrom Rack / Clutch – DSW / Shoes – Forever21 / Lipstick – MAC Deeply Adored (Marilyn Monroe collection)

I am so so so happy for my auntie and her hubby.  I pray that they continue to grow in love together for as long as they both shall live 🙂

Well, that wraps up the 2013 wedding season for me (at least to my knowledge…lol) and thus…we come to the ed of this HCTWG series…for now.  I’ve already been invited to THREE weddings next year!  So look forward to more wedding guest dress-up fun in 2014 🙂

Thanks SO MUCH for supporting this series and stopping by to check out the blog.  I had a lot of fun putting it together for sure.  I hope you stick around and see what else I have in store here on the blog!

Love and God Bless,

– T

Here Comes The…Wedding Guest (II): Shah-Shah Wedding

I am so super excited about this post!  On May 18, 2013, I attended my first ever Indian/Hindu Marriage Ceremony, and it was for one of my co-residents, Nidhi, someone I absolutely adore and has become my shopping buddy and fellow foodie, and her lovely fiancee Bunty!

I definitely had to do some research to figure out what to wear to this ceremony.  Some of the things that I learned as far as how to dress:
1.  The blingier, the better.  Lots of jewelry is worn by the bride and all of the female wedding guests
2.  Try to wear a sari if you can.  You’ll definitely fit right in.
3.  Black and white are no-no’s. It’s all about BRIGHT COLORS!

Now as far as numbers 1 and 2 went…I was at a loss.  As some of you may have noticed, I don’t usually wear jewelry as part of my outfit posts (or in my everyday life actually lol).  And I definitely didn’t know how or where to find a fab sari for the occasion.  But bright colors! I can definitely do!  So I decided to compromise with a brightly colored dress with some blingy accents and go from there.  Here’s the result!


Dress – Forever21 / Shoes – Burlington Coat Factory / Bangles – Target / Clutch – DSW / Scarf – TJ Maxx / Umbrella – DSW

I had such a good time and the food was AMAZING! I LOVE Indian food and there was sooooo much of it!  I had no idea that you literally eat…ALL day! lol I was in heaven!

Wishing Nidhi and Bunty all the best in their new marriage (and lots of beautiful babies! lol)

2 down, one more wedding to go!  Last post in the HCTWG trilogy is coming up on July 9th.  But have no fear; there will be a new post on the blog next Tuesday 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and supporting this series and the blog!

Love and God Bless,

– T

Here Comes The…Wedding Guest (I) – Rob & Rosie

On April 28, 2013, I was so excited to be able to attend Rob & Rosie’s wedding. They are such a beautiful couple inside and out and I love them both dearly!

Rob & Rosie's Wedding

The ceremony was lovely, even with the showers of blessing that decided to fall near the end…lol

I wore a very simple red dress from Zara, and when I first showed a pic of it to my friends, they thought it was too simple to wear to a wedding. But I believe in no such thing! Lol. A simple dress just allows for YOU to wear the dress instead of letting the dress wear you. When accessorized with a fab ‘do, the right shoes, confidence, and good posture, that simple dress can turn into….well, pics are worth a thousand words right? Lol

Dress – Zara / Shoes – Delicious (brand) / Clutch – DSW

I am so happy to have been able to attend this wedding of two very musically talented individuals who have been able to serve side by side in ministry and with love. Praying that God provides them with an abundance of blessings throughout their marriage.

Hope you guys enjoyed this first installment of HCTWG!  Stay tuned for part II on June 11th.  And there will be a new post on the blog next Tuesday, so until then…

Love and God Bless,

– T

Here Comes The….Wedding Guest: The Trilogy Intro

Yes, I know that title seems utterly epic so…don’t judge me lol.

Hey guys! So wedding season is DEFINITELY in full swing and I must say…I live for it.  I love attending weddings and celebrating the union of two people I love becoming one.  So far, I’ll be attending three weddings in the next few months so I decided I’d make it into a series of posts here on the blog, hence the epic title: “Here Comes The…Wedding Guest: The Trilogy”. I figured I’d be able to get someone at each of the weddings I attend to take pictures of me (which is one of my dilemmas for doing OOTD posts on the blog since I’m living on my own without a tripod…I need to fix this…but I digress) and I can share them, along with pics of the actual wedding events, with you guys here on the blog!

I’ll be putting up a new post for this three part series on the second Tuesday of each month for the next three months starting TODAY!  So look out for HCTWG (see what I did there) posts on:
May 14th
June 11th
July 9th

I already have the dresses for each of the weddings, and I’m super excited to plan the looks because they are vastly different pieces.  So stay tuned for that!

And now…here comes part I!

Love and God Bless,

– T