About Perfectly Imperfec_T :
Perfectly Imperfec_T is a life and style blog dedicated to sharing positive images, messages, and discussions to help uplift our savvy generation.  It was initially started in August 2010 as an outlet for the blogger during her medical school career (to help keep her sane) and also to chronicle the evolution of her life, style, character, and personality throughout the years.  With time, it has truly become a place where women can come to find personal style inspiration, girls can find an imperfect yet positive role model, and all can find inspiration through personal experiences and testimonies shared by the blogger to live a faith-filled and fulfilling life.

About T :
Tonasha “T” Johnson, MD is currently a Pediatric Resident Physician completing her final year of residency in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania area.  She is a graduate of Howard University, where she received her BS in Biology (2009) and earned her MD (2011).  She has an overwhelming desire to dedicate her career to working with youth and educating them on how to achieve their best possible state of well-being, in every sense of the term.  Along with her love for medicine, T also has a passion for fashion, a fascination with makeup, beauty, & hair, a love for food and music, and a heart that seeks God daily.  She loves sharing these interests with others through this blog and of course in person.  Whenever she’s not blogging…and not on call, T enjoys singing, watching YouTube beauty and fashion videos, spending time with friends and family, going out to brunch, and reading her favorite Pediatric journals and lifestyle blogs.


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  1. Well I think you’re awesome so please write away about randomness. I do however believe I am the queen of random so that automatically makes me your number one fan!

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