WEDNESDAY WORD by @ColorByStyle // Seek Ye First

“Seek the kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”
Matthew 6: 33, (NLT)  Source

I have been known to use the phrase, “Let’s keep it funky”, which is translated to “let us be as honest with ourselves as possible”. Too often we allow our focus to be shifted from heavenly pursuits and endeavors to all other manner of evil. The press of the world is forever around us and we are bombarded on a daily basis with responsibilities and realities that remind us in so many ways that we need more. For those of us that fell into the American trap of college (I say that tongue in cheek), the moment you graduated, if you weren’t fortunate to have a job already lined up or didn’t have to take any loans, you heard that six month clock begin ticking. Somewhere floating in the financial sky was the iconic ACME anvil of debt and despair. How can anyone focus on spiritual growth when financial debt, among many other things, seemed so imminent? Let’s not forget the desires of our hearts, the women or men, the cars, the clothes, the sales, and desire for fame and prestige. All these things can seem a lot more tangible then the kingdom of God.

Well the scripture has very practical teachings about possessions and money found in the book of Matthew Chapter 6 which I encourage you to read at your leisure. If we look to media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, what we see are people desiring more because the immediate vanishes and withers away. Even fame only last as long as the memories of those perceiving it. Christ says in Matthew 6:19 not to store your treasures (things and crap) here on earth because they will eventually be lost to the inevitability of time. He continues to state in verse 21 that where we store our things is where the desires of our hearts will be focused. Christ desires to give us His children all that we need and desire. In fact He says so in the scripture. He plainly states that if none of the natural things of this world worry or show concern about where there nourishment and sustenance will come from, then why should we?

If we pursue Christ and the kingdom, if we seek His face through constant communion and prayer He will grant us all that we need. The thing is for most of us we allow ourselves to be caught up in the flow of the world instead of standing in the peaceful meadow of Christ’s calm assurance. Why not take a chance on faith, trust in the Lord and see what he will provide. Seek the Kingdom first.


Love and God Bless,

– T

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