Birthday Talk // My T-Day Wish List

It’s exactly 23 days until my 26th birthday.  Y’all. I’m getting OLD! lol  Probably too old to still be getting birthday gifts, to be completely honest lol.  (I feel like I say that every single year…lol)  But that’s exactly what today’s post is about.

Now mind you, I am not by any means expecting to have any of these things given to me, much less all of them.  Isn’t that why they call it a wish list?  Yes. A girl/woman can dream.  And that I shall 😉


Simple but oh so thoughtful.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of receiving flowers.  Yes they die in a week, but they’re just so gorgeous to look at and to smell.  And lavendar is my favorite color to look at…while red is definitely becoming my favorite color to wear and kind of overall…. And of course, they make an awesome birthday gift 😉

#2.  Tickets to See Keiko Matsui at The Birchmere Alexandria on October 4th

So I saw Keiko Matsui for the first time live at Capital Jazz Fest back in June and really loved her spirit and her music.  She just so happens to also be performing at The Birchmere Alexandria the weekend that I’m coming home to celebrate my birthday.  Coincidence? I think NOT!  If anyone out there cares….I’d love you forever for making this happen! 😀

#3.  Tickets to see Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella on Broadway starring KeKe Palmer

So it was announced back in early August that KeKe Palmer would be replacing the current actress playing Cinderella as the first African American female to play the role on Broadway beginning September 9.  ANYONE that knows me is aware that I have a fascination with Disney Princesses and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVED the Brandy & Whitney version of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella that came out in 1997.  It’s one of my all-time favorite movies (probably second only to The Sound of Music).  I absolutely adore KeKe as well, and I think that she is quickly on her way to making a very smooth transition from child actress to adult star.  I would love to see her light up the Broadway stage on my birthday!  Epic birthday present of life is really what this would be….*daydreams* lol


I’m beginning to think that I’m a SLIGHT bit of a brand whore…..why?  Because I seem to love all things Marc Jacobs.  At least when it comes to fragrance and nail polish.  But let’s stick to fragrance.  My favorite fragrances in the past few years have all been from Marc Jacobs (Daisy Eau So Fresh and DOT).    I took a whiff of this one day while browsing through Sephora during my vacation last month.  It’s such a beautiful and light fragrance for an Eau de Parfum spray and….I need to go back and get another sample soon. Or….be blessed on my birthday lol.


Now this fragrance is classic TJ. Floral & fruity goodness perfect for everyday wear.  I got a sample on one of my many visits to Sephora to make a purchase and fell in love.  I’ve tried the Miss Dior Cherie fragrance (now simply called Miss Dior) and really liked it so I’m sure this would be no different as far as the love factor.


Dude, if anyone could find this lippie and gift it to me as a birthday present, I’d love them forever.  I have been looking for this particular shade for MONTHS and it’s always sold out at every single Sephora store and online.  It’s such a perfect deep red wine color….ugh! I love it!


I have really loved basically every RiRi + MAC Collabo project that’s come out ever since summer 2013.  The new Rihanna Viva Glam II collection comes out September 9th online and September 11th in stores.  Of course I’m going to try to get it on my own but if you’re a makeup lover, you already know that these things sell out with a QUICKNESS.  But, the fact that it’s a Viva Glam item usually means that it’ll be restocked so…we shall see.


I already have the shade “Opal” in this amazing highlighter, and I’ve heard great things about the Topaz shade.  But something about this Rose Gold? Hunty.  First of all, I already love rose-gold in and of itself (watches and jewelry).  Now to have it as a highlight? I would looooove that!

#9.  Kate Spade Cedar Street Perforated Small Harmoby

This bag first caught my attention when Krystal (of “The Feisty House” fame…lol) posted her Eva Chen pose featuring this very bag.  And yes. I fell in love.  It’s such a great versatile piece.  I recently bought my first Kate Spade bag (which I LOVE) and it definitely whet my appetite for what else Kate Spade had to offer….and this bag. Yes. Ma’am.


Remember my disclaimer at the beginning of this post? Okay then….lol.  I know ain’t nobody out there finna buy me these shoes and I’m not buying them.  But aren’t they just so pretty to look at?  Classic, timeless, black suede court-style red bottoms.  Maybe one day, when I’m living the lifestyle of the rich and famous, I’ll splurge on these. *side-eyes Med School loans*

Oh in a perfect world…lol.

The countdown to 26 y/o continues! 23 more days indeed!

Love and God Bless,

– T

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