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My 26th birthday is rapidly approaching!  Which means…get ready for quite a few birthday related posts (lol).  My sister and I always have our annual Sabbath lunch, which will still be happening this year…even though last year I told my parents that that should be the last one…but clearly I have no say in these happenings 😛 .  We also recently did a shoot with Mr. Juspose for the invitations for this event and I’ll share that with you within the coming month.

Even though I already know what I’ll be wearing to that Sabbath lunch (yes…I prepare mad early. Feel free to judge *shrug*), I would like to go out that night to dinner or to a concert (I’m hoping that someone amazing will be in town to perform that weekend while I’m there) so I’m once again prepping early.

While on instagram earlier this week I saw this lovely styled cropped coordinated outfit posted by @fabandfeatured (originally posted by @stylebyelle_)


….and with that, I was inspired.  I would love to find a super cute and mildly sexy (mildly…lol) coordinated cropped set to wear out for my birthday! I would absolutely love that!  So I found three options that I’d like to get your opinion on. Yup! We’re gonna have a poll y’all!  Help me choose!




Help me choose by making your choice on the poll below!

The poll will be live until my next post (which will be Tuesday, August 26, 2014).  You can vote here on the blog or by commenting over on Instagram or Google+.  Let me know what you think because I’ll most likely make my purchase on Tuesday or Wednesday.  And of course the winner will be revealed later.

Thanks in advance!  Have an awesome weekend you guys!

Love and God Bless,

– T

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