Dressed To A T // Make Me Blush

My absolute favorite thing about the summer is the time that I get to spend with my family.  Second to that is getting to wear cute light summer clothing.  That’s probably one of the many things that frustrate me about winter….layering and having to wear soooo much clothing.  One day I’ll figure it out *shrug*.

My family came to visit me this weekend and I am soooo glad they did.  We always have so much fun and end up having jokes for days (amidst all the bickering…lol).  We went to visit my godmommy’s church (Hi Auntie Kim!) and I sang there as well.  Then we went to visit some more family and had a delicious lunch.  Aaaannnd…I decided to beg my brother to do a blog shoot in the middle of the street. LOL.




Dress – Forever21 / Shoes – Charlotte Russe / Clutch – H&M

I officially have one more week until vacation!!!  Will be spending time with loved ones in the DMV and for a wedding in Toronto.  Can we say EXCITED!?  The countdown begins!

Love and God Bless,

– T

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