Out & About // Greek Fest

I absolutely LOVE food!  And over the last few years, I’ve developed a fondness for Greek and Mediterranean food.  I mean, who knew that feta cheese and olives could make EVERYTHING taste better?! It’s genius I tell you! lol

This weekend, two of my co-residents (Hey Nidhi & Tasha if you’re reading!) and I ventured out to a Greek Food Festival in our area and the food was AMAZING!  I actually wish I had another gyro right now….





The weather was absolutely gorgeous that day so I kept it nice and light with this light blue romper that I purchased from H&M a couple years ago that has cute little hearts on it that give a polka dot effect (LOVE!) and some nude/beige sandals that I bought from a Banana Republic Factory Outlet store two summers ago.



By the way….I am absolutely in love with this orange nail polish called “Mango Mamma” by Loreal Paris USA (“Tangerine” from Loreal Paris USA is quite similar).  It compliments my skin tone so well and is such an awesomely vibrant color for the spring and summer.


Oh and side note, I tried to record a “Get Ready With Me” makeup video for you guys…but my MacBook Air decided it didn’t want to cooperate that day 😦  But here was the final look:


Purely by chance, we all had our Coach purses and of course our sunnies! 🙂


It’s always fun to hang out with my co-residents outside of work.  They’re so much fun to be around!  I ♥ them so much! 🙂

Did you guys get to enjoy the awesome weather this weekend?  I absolutely loved it.  This is by far my favorite time of year for sure.  Can’t wait to spend more time outdoors doing lots of fun stuff.  To be continued this weekend… 😉

Until next time….

Love and God Bless,

– T

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