T Talks // Thirst + Mutual Thirst

In recent months/the past year this term thirst has become increasingly popular in everyday vernacular.  Just in case you’ve been living under a rock (or just away from social media) and have no idea what this term means, let’s head over to the Urban Dictionary for an official definition, shall we?

A form of lust of or want of members of the opposite sex. This term can refer to both males and females.
Example:  Though Stanley claimed to have “zero-thirst”, everyone knew of his thirsts for certain lead facilitators. Though it is true that he has not yet exhibited true acts of “thirst”, the potential thirst building up inside him was yet to be converted into kinetic thirst.

Got it? Okay.  Now that the foundation has been laid, let me just say a few things…lol.

Yes, there are many times when the thirst becomes increasingly annoying, from both sexes.  No I’m not speaking personally (necessarily…), but just in general lol.  Most (sane) human beings actually don’t respond well to being told what you want to do to them if you got them alone and how you’d do those things…ESPECIALLY not within the first 5 minutes of ever meeting them.  Or maybe that’s just me.  Okay that example is a little extreme, but y’all know what I mean! lol

But probably the most disheartening thing about the constant use of the term thirst is that many women inappropriately use it to describe truly genuine acts of chivalry/kindness/gentlemanliness from their male counterparts.  And to this I must say, “Girl, what?!?”  When did it become “thirsty” for a guy to display respect for a woman, hold the door open for her (or open the door for her), smile, or say “Good Morning”?  Now granted, there are some males that may use this angle or as a means to an end.  But real talk, not every kind gesture from a guy means that he wants to smash or hollah, or even wants you at all.  Unfortunately, I’ve heard on way too many occasions how these remarks of “Stop being so thirsty!” during these situations have made some men rethink being chivalrous.

But now that I’ve said that, consider this…

In one of my past relationships, a mutual friend of ours mentioned that when it came to my then boyfriend and my initial attraction to one another, we were BOTH thirsty!  And then and there, this concept of mutual thirst developed in my mind.  I’m not claiming to have come up with it because to be honest, I don’t really think I did.  But unlike the former term, this one has a much better denotation.  As defined by me:

mu·tu·al thirst
/myo͞oCHo͞oəl THərst/
The common desire or want of two individuals for one another.

That, to me, is a beautiful thing! lol  When two individuals genuinely like each other, there’s joy in knowing that even if you’re being thirsty, it’s being reciprocated!

Now the key is knowing whether or not the thirst is actually mutual.  Because if it’s not, you might as well just cut your losses, save yourself the embarrassment, and wait for/find someone that will reciprocate your thirst.  And it’s really not that hard to determine whether mutual thirst is there or not.  All you may have to do is straight up ask the person whose thirst is in question whether or not they’re really into you.  If you’re lucky, and you’re dealing with someone honest and genuine, you’ll get a straightforward answer right then and there.  If you’re not so fortunate to get that information as bluntly/directly, just pay attention to patterns.  Being observant and paying attention can save you such a world of unnecessary heartache.  That, common sense and not making assumptions. Gold I tell you, GOLD!

What are your thoughts on thirst and mutual thirst?  

Feel free to share your comments on the topic below (and even some experiences if you’re brave enough!).  I really enjoy your comments, and  I’d love to hear what you all have to say.

Til next time…

Love and God Bless,

– T

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