Out & About: Rouge Beach, Toronto

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Just wanted to share one more fun outing from my visit to Canada during my vacation last week.

My cousins and I paid a visit to Rouge Beach/Rouge Park and I have to say it was definitely a different kind of beach.  There was sand, yes, but also lots of rock and greenery and doubles as an epic Biking path into the heart of Toronto which I thought was pretty cool.






I did splash around in the water a little bit, but most of my time at Rouge Beach was spent posing for the camera and taking a walk down the bike path.  Don’t judge me (lol).




I had a great time 🙂  And I’ll be making a return trip to Canada this time next year for one of the many weddings I’ll be attending during 2014!  I’m so happy and excited for all the love going around! *smize*

Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today and vicariously enjoying my trip to Canada!  Starting next week, the posts on the blog will be a little more scarce (still once a week for sure though!) as my work schedule is about to get a little more hectic so time and attention will be shifting.  But I’ll definitely still be sharing with you all, so come on back 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T


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