Out & About: Trip to Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall & Photo Haul

Happy Tuesday guys!  So today and tomorrow just wanted to share some of my favorite moments from my vacation to Canada with my family.  Today, as seen in the title above, is all about shopping!

Yorkdale PicStitch1

My sisters, cousins, and I went out to Yorkdale Mall in Toronto to do some shopping.  According to my uncle, this is the “rich people mall” LOL.  Apparently, this where the local TDOT celebs and wealthyish people often frequent to get their shop on.


My reason for going?  Topshop!!!! Along with Zara & H&M.  Yes, these stores are in the US but definitely not readily accessible to me on a regular basis so I definitely wanted to take advantage of being nearby and get a few things.  Let the photo haul begin! 🙂

Yorkdale PicStitch2

I hadn’t seen this particular line of Sephora nail polishes (Sephora X) at my local Sephora in the US (and trust…I go in just about once a week just because it makes me happy to be there…so I know) and the claim that you only need ONE COAT to get opaque coverage was enough for me to fork out the cash to give it a try.


It’s been such a long time since I’ve bought anything from H&M because the nearest store is at least 90 minutes away.  And what do you know, a few days after I made this shopping trip, H&M launched online shopping in the US. Jesus be a fence around my debit card…smh.  But the deals I found at H&M on my trip to Yorkdale were great!  The blue fall coat though! From almost $80 to only $15???  Yes, ma’am!  Can’t wait to show you guys how I wear it in the fall 🙂


Zara is another one of my favorite places to shop and of course Summer and Winter time they have their epic purging sales, the former of which I was lucky to catch on my shopping trip.  I already have an outfit pairing for that pleated black jacquard A-line skirt.  And that black shopper. Listen, I’ve had my eye on that bag for at LEAST an entire year but wasn’t willing to pay $80 dollars for it.  Tell me why it was on sale AND the very last one left in the store? Yup, it was meant to be.


The clearance rack at Topshop truly is a magical place.  These two brightly colored  dresses were both originally over $70.  The dress on the left I bought for $18 and the one on the right was $20.  Score!

All in all, it was a super fun and successful shopping trip and I stuck to my spending budget!  I’m REALLY trying to be more responsible with my finances.  Lord knows I need to be, especially with life happening SO fast and unexpectedly, and 25 being right around the corner for me…but that’s another story for another post…

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Canada vacay post!  **SPOILER ALERT**:  My H&M swimsuit finally got to see the light of day! LOL  Until then….

Love and God Bless,

– T


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