Vacay Fashionista: What I’m Packing

Hey loves!  Happy Tuesday!  Guess who’s on vacation for the next 2 weeks??? This Peds Resident is!  I’m super excited.  This is my first real vacation as a working girl and I’m definitely gonna get as much fun and rest in as I can.  But of course with the fun of a Vacay, comes the blah of packing.  I really really despise packing and unpacking, especially for periods of time longer than a few days.  So two weeks…yeah it was a challenge.  But!  Deciding to do a blog post about it definitely helped make things more exciting.


Lots goes into packing, but for this post I just wanted to focus on the clothing/fashion aspect and share with you guys what I plan to wear over the next couple of weeks away from my lovely closet in the apartment….here goes!


These are two of my favorite PJs. One’s a Peanuts themed oversized tee/nightgown and the other is a pink thermal PJ set with monkey faces!  Don’t judge me…I’m a Peds Resident (lol). I definitely plan on getting lots of rest over the next 2 weeks so comfort is a must while doing that.


Now…to be completely honest, this is probably wishful thinking that I’ll even do any sort of working out while I’m on vacay…but I figured where there’s pavement I could at least go for a jog?  Maybe?  It’s the thought that counts??? smh…lol


I definitely need to make an appearance at a beach or pool somewhere during this vacation. These two swimsuits are begging for my attention.  Who am I to deny them their shine?  Exactly.  Nobody.


Anyone that knows me, knows that I love a good romper.  They’re easy, one-piece outfit wonders and absolutely perfect for the summer.  I love them with all my heart.


Similarly, maxi dresses are also a PERFECT summer choice.  One piece and a complete outfit.  Simply perfection.


Two weekends. Two Church outfits. One pair of shoes and one clutch that will go pretty well with both.


I love a good Fit ‘n’ Flare dress.  And these 3 dresses are so different but all still me.  Flirtatious and feminine, as my friend/stylist Jana would say (^_^)


Some fun outfit pairings for good measure.  I’ve been wanting to rock these for a while and what better time than vacay?


Three handbags, a pair of sunglasses, and yes, a lint-roller.  I think it’s a very important accessory but I guess that can be up for debate…lol.


My black loafers. Sandals. My favorite pair of wedge sandals. Nude high-heeled sandals. And the amazing Metal T-strap faux-suede high-heeled sandals. Yup. Winning combos shall abound.


Yup!  My summer vacation wouldn’t be complete without bringing along my signed copy of Revenge Wears Prada to enjoy and complete within the next two weeks.  I’m so excited to finally dig in!

And just like that….


…all my packing’s done and I’m ready!


I’ll be in the DMV for a few days catching up with the homies then heading to Toronto with my family to spend time with my extended family.  I’m SUPER excited and rest assured I will have my camera with me to capture all of the fun.

Hope you guys had a great start to the week.  I’m gonna get started on Revenge… then get fancy to hang out with my friends later!  Til next time…

Love and God Bless,

– T


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