Help Me Choose My Fourth of July Look!

Hey guys!  So Fourth of July is RIGHT around the corner…tomorrow to be exact.  Miracle of miracles, I have the day off! *whoop whoop!*  So I’m definitely going to make the most of the day, be cute, and hang out with friends (^_^).

But there’s one tiny little problem.  I can’t decide between these two outfit options that I’ve come up with!  I really need your help to decide. Yes. YOUR help!  I would love to hear which outfit you guys like better between these two.  Let me know in the comments below, on Instagram, Google+, or Twitter and I’ll reveal the winning outfit tomorrow…because whichever one wins…that’s what I’ll wear (no pressure….just going out in public for all the world to see. lol)

So here are my two options:


Red White & Blue

This outfit is 100% me for sure.  As my friend, stylist Jana, so perfectly described in her “Styled by Jane” feature with me, my personal style is definitely feminine and flirtatious.  This outfit embodies all of that with the the flowing pleated blue maxi skirt and the chevron crop top to show just enough skin to peak interest, nude wedge sandals, a bold red lip and braids up in a high bun.  LOVE.


Camo Cutie

I don’t know what it is but I’ve recently been low-key obsessed with combat boots and military style.  Prior to this week, I didn’t own a single pair of combat boots but when the vision of this outfit came to my mind, that fact changed with such a quickness.  And I’m a sucker for anything high-waisted and when I found these high waisted camo jeans at Forever21 (as mentioned in yesterday’s haul video post), I snatched them up swiftly.  This look is a lot more chill and relaxed but still cute (and undercover sexy even) at the same time.  I thought that MAC Rebel (worn HERE) would be a perfect lip color to pull this look together along with a high bun.


Soooooo….now do you guys understand my dilemma???  LOL

PLEASE HELP!  Let me know down below in the comments (or if you Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or Google+ let me know on there too!):  should I rock Option 1 or Option 2 tomorrow???

Stay tuned for the big reveal!  Until then…

Love and God Bless,

– T


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