Out & About: “ExPerience Color” Art Show by Robert Harris

As a typical girl, I’m drawn to things that look good.  Well maybe that’s not even just a girl thing, that’s a human trait lol.  I’ve always appreciated fashion and photography and art….from a distance.  I have gone to a few museums in the past, but prior to this weekend, I had never been to an art show.  It’s secretly been something I was interested in doing…along with attending a fashion show…but that’s another story for another time.

So imagine my excitement when I learned that one of my friends in New Brunswick, NJ was going to have a show exhibiting his very own art pieces, paintings to be exact, and it was his very first show!  I definitely had to be there to support and experience the greatness!

The exhibit was called ExPerience COLOR by Robert Harris.


And let me just say….Rob is amazingly talented!  Take a look below and you will undoubtedly agree with me.







The piece below is one of my favorites!  Rob actually custom made this piece for one of his friends as her gift to her now husband on their wedding day.  Like….how uniquely PERFECT is that???


When asked what inspires his work, Rob stated that he’s inspired by pretty much everything he sees.  This particular collection took him about a month to complete, and he’s already working on his next collection which hopefully will have a fall debut and accompanying show.

I for one am extremely humbled to know someone with his level of talent.  I’m definitely going to be purchasing or commissioning a piece from him for my apartment soon.

If you’re interested in doing the same, or seeing more of Robert’s work, do check out his website by clicking HERE and contact him with your requests.  All of his artwork is for sale and he also does custom pieces  He does amazing graphic design as well.  Just LOOK at this:

My eyes can’t take it!  I honestly have no idea what that translates to in English…but it doesn’t even matter lol.

Rob’s website was designed by another talented friend of mine, and one of Rob’s best friends, Steve Duffis who also happens to have a blog so definitely check him out as well!

Thanks Rob for letting us ExPerience Color through your eyes…well paint brush 🙂 .  Looking forward to many more shows and breathtaking art.

Love and God Bless,



4 thoughts on “Out & About: “ExPerience Color” Art Show by Robert Harris

  1. Man this is some excellent writing! I guess having good material to write about is the key! Thanks for the mention. You are not the only one humbled by the talent their friends posses. Art exist in some many forms and fashion, the ability to design, create, and even wear clothes is art in motion! You clearly have the talent! Can’t wait for next post!

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