Instagram Fashion Spread

Lol…Instagram is such a wonderful application!  I recently went to TJ Maxx to get some things for my apartment and I wandered over to their clearance clothing section and was taken aback!  Each of the items I picked up were either $7 or $10 each!  Turns out that they had actually marked those things down THAT day I went in!  It was meant to be! lol  Later that evening I did a little Instagram photoshoot with the things I picked up so of course I’m gonna share it with you guys on the blog! 🙂


TOP LEFT:  Flowy pleated teal dress – $10 (paired with one of my brown skinny  belts)
TOP RIGHT: White Lace sleeveless dress (I am REALLY into lace dresses these days! So classic!) w/ open back cutout (which you clearly can’t see here lol) – $10 (paired with one of my black skinny belts)
BOTTOM LEFT: Sheer Mustard yellow patterned blouse – $10 (paired with white skinny jeans and mustard yellow belt)
BOTTOM RIGHT: Sheer Blue and white polka dot crop top blouse – $7 (paired with white linen high-waisted pants)

Now that I know where the TJ Maxx is around here and that they mark their items down on Mondays *makes mental note* this could be this trying-to-be-frugal fashionista’s dream! lol

Hope you guys liked this post and until next time…

Love and God Bless,

– T


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