**BIG ANNOUNCEMENT** Introducing: “3whitecoats” – The Blog

Hey guys!

So I have a BIG announcement for you all!  Two of my friends and I have started a NEW blog called 3WhiteCoats to help chronicle our journey and experiences throughout residency!  We all recently graduated from medical school and just started our various residency programs a few weeks ago and we thought it would be fun to start up a blog where we can just share with our loved ones, and anyone else out there, what our experiences are as we go through this journey.  Here’s a little excerpt about the blog!

Three’s Company


The three of us… 3 friends from undergrad…2 guys, 1 girl, in 3 different places in the world starting 1 dream. We 3 have much more in common than school and profession…but we will reveal that in time, along with parts of  this new chapter of our lives we’ll share here for years to come. For now, we are 3 white coats… join us on our journey! 

I hope you guys get a chance to surf on over to the new blog and check out our posts!  I actually posted MY very first post on that blog today!  Click HERE to check it out!

And have no fear, “To A T” is still open for business!  Got quite a few things up my sleeve for the next few weeks (I even recorded some vids for YouTube that will be coming sooner than you think!)

Spread the word about 3WhiteCoats to all your friends who like reading random blogs or even those that may be interested in going into medicine!  We’d love to hear what you think!

Until next time…

Love and God Bless,

– T


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