Magnetic Nail Polish!

Last week I went to my local dry cleaners to drop of some things and decided to take a trip to the beauty supply store right next to it.  And let me tell you! I stumbled upon the coolest thing!


Now I had actually heard about this concept a few months ago when I received an email from Sephora about a UK based company called Nails Inc. who was pushing this very concept.  See the video below:

However…the only turn off for me was the fact that each bottle of polish costs about $16.00.  No ma’am!  I’m sure it’s totally epic and quite long wearing but…nah.

So when I came across the very same type of polish at my local beauty supply store by Nabi Cosmetics for only $2.99, I HAD to check them out!

Nabi has 30 colors and three different magnetic designs (compared to Nails Inc. with only 5 polish shades and one type of magnetic design) and works exactly like the Nails Inc. polishes as demo’d in the video above.  The only difference is that the Nabi polishes don’t have an over-cap for you to remove and set to the side so it can get tricky if you want to use the magnet design on the top of the polish you’re using.  I got around this because I had two and applied one color while using the magnet from the other to place above my nail.   But either way, it can be done…just with a little more hassle.  Initially I only bought these two colors because I didn’t want to invest in anything that I wasn’t sure I’d like.

So last Friday night I tried it out and I was soooo HYPE about the result! I shared this pic with my friends on Instagram and they, as well as everyone that saw my nails within the last week, LOVED them!

And the best thing is I think it has really great staying power.  Of course I used a base coat and a top coat with the polish because it’s second nature lol. But even so it lasted a really long time!  Here’s a pic of how my nails look even today:

I was so impressed by this new product that I went out and got a few more colors 🙂

Can’t wait to play with them all!  And you can follow me on Instagram to see pics of these polishes coming up and even more random images from me.

Hope you guys get to check out Nabi and their lovely magnetic nail polishes sometime soon!

Til next time…

Love and God Bless,

– T


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