Ode to The Feisty House #35: Leather & Lace

The DMV weather has been QUITE mild this winter and I can’t even be mad at that.  I absolutely love the fact that there haven’t been any crazy blizzards so far this winter but even more…I love that the temps have been GREAT.

Yesterday the weather was mid to high 60’s outside and sunny and I couldn’t resist going out to enjoy it!  So I decided that I was gonna get dressed up and fancy and enjoy some quiet time at the park.  Then…my sister came home from school and I decided that I might as well turn this into a blog post since I had someone to take some pics lol.

The day actually turned out to be unexpectedly GREAT because I ran into one of my girlfriends that I hadn’t seen in YEARS and her adorable son!  LOVED it 🙂 Great day out 🙂

The “virginal” dress (yes that’s really what I call it lol) – Forever21
Long skinny black belt – Randomly in my closet
Chocolate brown leather jacket – Express
Dotted black tights – Macy’s (Hue brand)
Leather knee high lace up boots – Forever21 

Love and God Bless,

– T


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