DeliciousLee Edible! ~ My Review :-)

Hey everyone!  So if you know ANYTHING about me, you know that food is my best friend.  Okay not really, but I LOVE to eat and enjoy good food!  So when one of my friends, Leander (Lee for short 🙂 ), told me that she was starting up a food blog I was ecstatic!  The name of her blog is DeliciousLee Edible.  Check her out and sign up to FOLLOW her blog.  She’ll be posting recipes, food pics, and reviews of her dishes (by moi and others 🙂 )  She’s an AMAZING cook and every single dish she prepares makes your taste buds do the dougie.  And that’s not an exaggeration…

As part of her food blogging experience, she enlisted the help of myself and our friend Natalie (you guys remember me talking about Natalie and HER blog before, right?) to be guinea pigs for some of her recipes! *SWOON!*  I gladly accepted the oh so difficult responsibility to try out her amazing food and then give a review right here on my blog.

Here’s a picture of the dish that I got the chance to devour and now will review 🙂

Yeah…I know. You’re jealous lol.

So let’s do this!

1.  Herb Salmon – Man, this salmon was the definition of “well-seasoned”!  I don’t know what she seasoned it with, but the flavors got my tongue excited!  Like she mentioned, it was a little bit on the dryer side, but I’ll take a little dry and well seasoned versus moist and bland ANY day.  Rating:  ★★★★

2.  Carrot Rice – Honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of carrots.  And before that night I never had carrot rice.  But let me TELL you!  That rice was on point!  The grains were perfectly cooked, not too firm, not too soft.  And again…seasoned perfectly to taste. Mmmm…I can still taste it in my mind’s palate.  Rating:  ★★★★★

3.  Seared Green Beans & Baby Spinach – Once again, perfectly seasoned!  And the veggies were cooked well.  Not mushy but far from raw as well. Rating:  

4.  Parmesan Garlic Bread – I’m not the biggest fan of bread, but I LOVE me some good garlic bread!  This garlic bread was toasted to perfection but still soft.  The garlicky butter taste was perfectly executed without being overwhelming.  And the cheese sprinkled on top definitely added the extra somethin’ somethin’ to take the bread over the top. (plus, I love cheese! 🙂 ) Rating:  

So my overall rating for this meal is a solid 4.75/5 stars.  I cannot WAIT to review another DeliciousLee Edible creation!

To see more details about the dish I reviewed, click HERE!  And don’t forget to follow Lee’s blog and leave comments so she can stay motivated and consistent (and make more food for me!  To review of course lol)

Love and God Bless,

– T


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