A Call to Stand Apart: Day #8

My Prayer: Lord, I am so grateful that You know my heart and everything that is in it.  It makes it easier to be honest with you and harder to hide things.  But I am forever grateful that with you transparency isn’t just an option…but it’s inevitable. And despite that, you are a loving and forgiving God, as long as we are willing to accept our wrongs and work to change them.  Thank you for your mercy and your grace… -Amen

What Blessed Me From Chapter 8:

Faith like a mustard seed…this issue of faith, believing in what isn’t tangible, is a big struggle for lots of people, myself included.  It’s not easy at all.

– “We can’t change our hearts or make ourselves in the least good. But God promises to do it for us through Jesus. All He asks is that we believe His promise, ask forgiveness for our sins, and commit ourselves to Him. In other words, we make a decision; we use our will. […] Don’t wait to feel good about your decision. Say to yourself, “I believe it; it’s so, because God promised.” Then never turn back (ACS, p. 44)!”

Very short post for a very short chapter…

*Feel free to leave your thoughts below*

Next Reading:  Section 1, Chapter 9 – “Preparing to Die” (p. 46-49)

Love and God Bless,

– T


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