Ode to The Feisty House #30: Burgers & Art

I got the chance to go roaming around DC with one of my friends (See! I’m living up to my promise to leave the house! lol).  We went to visit a few museums (can you believe I’ve lived in the DMV for going on 11 years and have only been to the Museum of Natural History??? Yeah he couldn’t either so…we started working on it lol)

Bad news…I really didn’t take many pics while I was out and about.  But I did get a few of the grub 🙂 . Yes we had to eat…and BGR The Burger Joint was AMAZINGNESS!

This is actually the table top at the restaurant...see what they did there? All artsy and what not? 🙂

Light fixtures. The coolness... Organic Chemistry anyone? No? Just me? ( ._.)

Still trying to figure out the hype around this thirst-quencher....*waits*


My sliders...which were oh so YUMMY!

"The Greek" from BGR The Burger Joint. The most epic LAMB BURGER! O. M. G.!

I’m getting hungry again just looking at these pictures.  The Burger Joint is DEFINITELY a must try!

Good news. Two parts.

1. I fell in love with the artwork of painter Gene Davis!  I saw one of his pieces at The Phillips Collection and I’m PRETTY sure I squealed with delight…or at least gasped.  After looking up some more pieces, I realized that what I LOVE the most is his use of COLOR!  It made me soooo happy and excited and had me wishing I could afford to buy a house with a wall big enough to put this gorgeous piece of artwork!  The piece that took my breath away was called Jasmine Jumper and was painted in 1966.  *swoon*

"Jasmine Jumper" by Gene Davis (1966)

Seeing that painting made my entire day….*sigh* but I digress lol

2. When I got home, snapped some quick pics of what I wore on this lovely day!  Yay! lol  The weather was GORGEOUS!  So wish I had taken some outside pics…next time though! I promise! 🙂

Cream long sleeved shirt – Merona for Target
Long grey button up sleeveless cardigan – H&M
Scarf – Merona for Target
Jeans – Dereon (my one pair of Beyoncé jeans…lol )
Brown boots –  Forever21

Love and God Bless,

– T


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