A Call to Stand Apart: Day #3

My Prayer:  Lord, please help me to stay focused on you.  There are sooo many distractions around me that I keep allowing to steal the time that I need to build up my relationship with you.  Please, just help me to stay focused… -Amen

What Blessed Me from Chapter 3:

– LOL, you know, it always slightly amuses me that Jesus first big miracle…was turning water into wine (John 2:1-11). Why was THAT His first big shabang? Why didn’t he heal someone? Raise someone from the dead? Nah…he turned water into wine for a lacking wedding reception.  It’s funny because, this miracle in itself says a lot about Jesus’ character.  He’s the one that will provide all your needs.  As simple as that need may have seemed, it was a big deal to the wedding party I’m sure and Jesus wanted them to be happy.  And His presence there made all the difference… “Jesus showed from the start that He wanted people to be happy (ACS, p. 19)”

 “The ‘wine’ of the partying that you and I do ultimately turns sour. But the gifts of Jesus are always fresh. What He provides for us always satisfies and brings us happiness. Each new gift we receive increases our capacity to receive more and enjoy more from Him. He gives grace and still more grace and, unlike the wine at Cana, His supply of blessings never runs short and is never exhausted. Actually, the gift of Jesus to the marriage party is a wonderful symbol. The water in the jars represents His “baptism into death,” and the wine represents His blood spilled for us to cleanse us from sin (ACS, p. 21).” ~~ I honestly think that speaks for itself…

*Feel free to leave your thoughts below*

Tonight’s Reading:  Section 1, Chapter 4 – “You Can Come Home Anytime” (p. 22-25)

Love and God Bless,

– T


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