A Call to Stand Apart – Day #1

*my thoughts are in navy blue. Enjoy!

My Prayer:  Lord, please help me to understand what Your purpose for my life is.  Although I think I have an idea, I want You to lead me in the right direction…thank You in advance for all that You have in store.  In Jesus’ Name I pray -Amen

– The one difference between the app for the book and the online version is that the app only contains the audio for the “testimonials” from the young adults that have been blessed by EGW’s writings, not the actual text.  I really like that aspect of the book so as much as I can I’m going to try to use the online version over the app version.

What Blessed Me from Chapter 1:

– ” The intellectual part has its place, but when I get up in the morning to face my day spiritually, what I want needs to be clear, vivid, and personal (ACS, p. 11).” ~~And this is sooo true!  How many times do we as young adults think to ourselves, Well all that spiritual talk is great, but how does it really apply to the life I live, the challenges I face, the temptations I have to endure, every single day of my life?  It’s definitely something I’m hoping to gain from this book and this journey as a whole

– “[…]she wrote that Christ saw in lost humanity “the pearl of price.” How could He find something so beautiful in me?[…] I understood what, for me, is the true essence of salvation. Christ doesn’t seek me because I am lost. He doesn’t long to save me because He feels obliged to. He gives me salvation because He loves me (ACS, p. 12).”   ~~ Nobody ever wants to be a charity case.  We never want to feel like someone is doing us a favor because they merely feel sorry for us.  It’s truly amazing to know that Christ doesn’t see us as charity cases!  But then again….He does 🙂  If you think of charity in the way that Paul uses it in 1 Corinthians 13 (KJV), CHARITY is synonymous with LOVE.  Even the dictionary defines CHARITY first and foremost as ” benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).  Charity in this sense, has NOTHING to do with feeling sorry for someone, but EVERYTHING to do with love….the driving force behind why God wants to save us (John 3:16)

Now the most EPIC part of being able to have the EGW app on my phone is that the words literally come alive through audio, and I’ve learned that I personally am an auditory learner so it’s EXCITING to hear not only the words of the book come alive, but also the scripture that’s being used is coming alive through voice as well…and I love it.

– Can you imagine…being promised something and having to wait THOUSANDS of years to get it?  How about…being promised the ultimate gift, but not knowing WHEN you were gonna receive it?  Well ever since the fall in the Garden of Eden, that’s exactly what humanity had to deal with for thousands of years.  The anticipation…the disappointments…the doubt.  And then, when the Savior finally shows up…he’s conceived out of wedlock, born to the poorest of the poor, no earthly fanfare, in a stable with cattle…and dirt.  Really???

– “In becoming human, Jesus demonstrated ultimate humility. On earth His physical surroundings were primitive. He hid His glory from those who saw Him and shunned all outward display (ACS, p. 14).”

– Once again, we have to remember the point of Christ’s birth… “[…] each of us now, as the shepherds then, is the object of God’s most intense love and interest. The story of Bethlehem is a fantastic theme. We should marvel that Jesus exchanged the throne of heaven and the worship of angels for a manger bed and the company of sheep and goats. Yet this was only the beginning of the evidence of His great love[…] Jesus accepted humanity when the race had been weakened by millennia of sin. Like every other human baby, He accepted the results of the laws of heredity so He would be able to share and understand our disappointments and temptations, and to give us the example of what it means to live a perfect life (ACS p. 15).”

And that example is exactly what I hope to explore over the next 30 days…because to be a Christian means to not only be a FOLLOWER of Christ in word…but to BECOME like Him through our actions.  Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk.

*Feel free to share your thoughts or discussion points as you wish*

Tonight’s Reading:  Section 1, Chapter 2 – “Jesus as a Child and Young Adult” (p. 16-18)

Love and God Bless,

– T


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