A Call to Stand Apart: A 30 Day Journey

Hey guys!  So like I mentioned in the previous post, I will be embarking on a 30-day journey to not only bring life back to my evening personal devotions, but just overall to enhance my spiritual life.  Not to say that once the 30 days are over I’m gonna stop. But quite the contrary!  Once I complete this, I’m hoping and praying that it will only strengthen my resolve to keep learning, to keep reading, and to keep growing in Him.

So what am I doing?  Well every night for the next 30 days, I will be taking time before I go to bed to spend time with God and reading the book A Call to Stand Apart which is a collection of some of Ellen G. White’s writings, but I’ll get more into detail about the book in a bit.  I’m not going to set a specific time when I’ll be reading it at night because we ALL know that every day is different and life is bound to happen, ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to do something for God; the devil be BLOCKIN’! Mercy!  But that’s a whole other story entirely…Jesus be a fence…smh.

Now the awesome thing for me, and for any of you that want to come along with me on this journey is this: The book is available on the Android and iPhone app markets, along with the entire library of EGW writings for FREE.99, it includes text AND audio, which makes it ridiculously convenient and leaves pretty much no room for excuses.  And if by chance you don’t have a smart phone, chances are if you’re reading this, you have access to the internet, and guess what? Exactly what’s available for the book in app form, is available online too. Told you, ZERO excuses! (preaching to myself here for sure as well).

So if you’re interested in either joining me on this journey or just following me on this journey here are the basics:

1.  To get the apps, here are the links (OR you could go directly to your Market app on your phone and search “EGW Writings”):
– Get Android app HERE
– Get iPhone app HERE

2.  To access the book online:
– Click HERE
– Click on “Writings” in the menu bar displayed on the top of the window
– Type “A Call to Stand Apart” in the search box on the upper left hand corner of the screen
–  And the text will show up on the screen
– To see the media/audio options for the book, click where the icon bordered w/ a red box in the picture below, underneath which are the words “Media View”:

3. Either the night before or the day of a specific reading, I’ll let you guys know exactly what section I will be completing.  But seriously, don’t feel pressured to read at my pace; go faster or slower as need be, it’s up to you. But for those of you that do want to follow along, I will post that on the blog before it’s time for that day’s evening devotion.

4.  I will be blogging my thoughts and reactions about not only the readings but my personal nighttime devotion as a whole for these 30 days with the series: “A Call to Stand Apart – Day # ___”  So you can look for that heading to follow along, or if you’d like to catch up on anything you miss, you can click on “A Call to Stand Apart” under the “Read About…” list on the right side of the blog.

So I think that’s it…next I’ll be giving a little bit of background about the book by posting an excerpt, and in that post I’ll also share with you guys what I will be reading tonight.  I hope this journey not only blesses me but someone else out there as well.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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