The Business of Fashion: Introducing THE GOLDDIGGERS

“Cute is Good, but Rich is Better”

This is the slogan that greets you boldly when you discover the treasure that is The Golddiggers online boutique, an extension of an amazing business venture between two friends that was recently launched on Black Friday, or as they called it “Gold Friday”, to MUCH fanfare.

But…I’m getting ahead of myself.  You’re probably asking yourself, who are The Golddiggers? What is this business all about?  Well luckily for you, you’re about to find out, and trust, you’ll thank me lol.

When I found out that two of my high school classmates, Londyn “Kouture” Douglas & Chanae Jones, were starting a business together I have to say that I was pretty excited!  I remember them being very fashion forward and entrepreneurial in high school and knew that this could only be a sign of amazing things to come.

Chanae (L) & Londyn (R)

They were gracious enough to agree to be featured on the blog so that I could share with the you, the masses, who and what The Golddiggers represent.  Enjoy!


T = Ms. T
GD = The Golddiggers


T:  The story behind the brand: How did The Golddiggers come to be?
GD:  Londyn Douglas and Chanae Jones are childhood friends who first bonded over a mutual love for art, design and all things vintage. They began their first fashion line, “Kottyn Kandy,” in high school and went on to win several business-plan competitions together.

After attending separate colleges, Chanae and Londyn reconnected. Now more educated and motivated to make their dreams of running their own business come true, they transformed their simple high school brand “Kottyn Kandy” into what is now “The GoldDiggers”.

The name “The GoldDiggers” is inspired by the forty-niners of the California Gold Rush. In the 1800s, people from all over the world took a leap of faith to build a better life. They faced substantial hardships but were determined to find what they cherished.

T:  How would you describe the style of your pieces and where do you find inspiration for them?
GD:  Our style is gaudy, eye catching, daring, unexpected and one of a kind. We are inspired by African culture, pivotal moments in history and vintage treasures. 

T:  I LOVE the fact that your brand caters to both sexes. For what type of guy/girl was the brand designed?
GD:  Thank you, our brand is for the guy/girl that isn’t afraid to be different, they are cost conscious and trendsetters. 

T:  Even though, this is just the beginning for The Golddiggers, you guys have managed to have some pretty cool people rock your jewelry, including but not limited to Mara Hruby and Necole Bitchie.  What has been the highlight of your journey so far?

Londyn & Mara Hruby

Necole Bitchie rockin Golddigger pieces

DJ Kalkutta and her Golddiggers pieces

GD:  Yes, Mara Hruby, Necole Bitchie, and Dj kalkutta, have rocked some of the Golddiggers pieces but the highlight of our journey, has been the launch of our website. We have been vendors at various events in Maryland, Philadelphia and D.C but our website is our introduction to the world! 

T:  What advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs, especially females, trying to break into the business of fashion?
GD:  The advice we would give to any young entrepreneurs is to do your research. A lot of people have the talent and the idea but if you don’t have the knowledge, it’s a waste of time. Success is achieved when knowledge and talent are combined.

T:  Now that the official retail website has launched, what’s next on the horizon for The Golddiggers?
GD:  Our next event is a trunk show on November 29th at Recess Lounge in D.C. sponsored by Rock Creek Social Club. We also have a new jewelry campaign launching in early December followed by a shopping and networking event December 10th at Local 16 in D.C.


T = Ms. T
LGD = Londyn of The Golddiggers
CGD = Chanae of The Golddiggers

T:  Favorite food ever?
Extra Cheesy Pizza
CGD:   Barbeque sauce

T:  Favorite Item of clothing/accessory you own?
My favorite accessory is my handmade cigar box purse my dad made me 8 years ago, its special to me because it has my first business card sealed on the back. Every time I wear it, I’m reminded to follow my dreams.
CGD:   That’s hard to say. I love everything I make and my favorite things are always golddigger pieces.

T:  Hair product or hair tool you can’t live without?
LGD:   I absolutely cannot live without my [Herbal Essences] Totally Twisted hair conditioner. It has a great lavender scent and keeps my curls alive.
CGD:   Ashea Shea butter pomade

T:  If you could own only one make up item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
LGD:  Lip gloss, I’m all natural.
CGD:   I’m gonna cheat and say 2 items; mascara and lip gloss

T:  Favorite inspirational quote?
LGD:   “You have two choices in life: Follow your dreams or work for someone who did.”

CGD:   Do u want to be a worker bee or the Queen bee?” 


Official Online Retail Store:
Twitter:  @the_golddiggers

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into the brand. Now GO SUPPORT these two business women!  I sure did!  I placed my order on Gold Friday for the GORGEOUS “Puddin” Sweater featured in the website’s banner pictured at the beginning of this post. LOVE!  I may be going back today to get this amazing vintage gold belt they have as well…

And in case you didn’t know, here’s the current promotion they have going:

Enter the code “GoldDigger” today,
Cyber Monday Nov, 28, 2011
and receive 30% off! 

That’s pretty awesome if you asked me!  Head over to The GoldDiggers and take advantage of this amazing deal before it’s gone!

I wish Londyn and Chanae all the best and continued success with The Golddiggers. This is JUST the beginning!

Love and God Bless,

– T

**DISCLAIMER: All images were used with permission granted from The Golddiggers**


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