Random: Scarf and Nails on Veterans Day

So today I’ve just been chillin’, running errands, and pretty much enjoying the GORGEOUS fall day and weather.  I really do think fall is quickly becoming a close second for being my favorite season (after summer of course).  Just the colors of the leaves! UGH! It just makes me soooo happy for some reason! 🙂

I didn’t really feel like doing much to my hair today so…decided to try a lil somethin somethin with a scarf. So wanted to share that, and my nail color which I LOVE! 🙂

Here’s the scarf:

Got it from Forever21 earlier this year when I did a major scarf haul from there and Charlotte Russe.

And here’s what I did 🙂

On my nails I have the GORGEOUS color “Gemma” by Zoya Nail polish (clearly, I adore this brand lol).

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Veterans Day. God Bless all of the men and women that are brave enough to put their lives on the line to protect and serve this country.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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