T’s Ruche Haul!!!

Not too long ago, I was on Twitter tweeting away about how I wanted some more vintage inspired clothing in my closet. And wouldn’t you know, the oh so stylish “Plane Jane” (You can check out her blog HERE) put me ON to this amazing online store named RUCHE! It was love at first click….

So I ended up purchasing four dresses.  Good news: they’re all AWESOME!  Bad news: One dress, I can’t find the picture of anywhere online anymore 😦 . More good news:  I’ll be wearing them all in the future anyway, so you’ll most likely be able to see that one dress sometime soon in a future blog post.

Now on to the pics!

*Disclaimer: All pics unless otherwise stated were found on shopruche.com*

1. Fairfax Manifest Ruffle Dress

I love the color of this dress and I love the fit. I already have plans to pair this with a mustard yellow belt at the waist.  I dunno why, but I’m just really feeling burgundy/wine/maroon colors with mustard yellow. Reminds me of barbecue sauce and mustard…greedy, I know lol

2.  Everly Zulu Dress

So I actually found this picture of the dress I bought on another site (www.tobi.com) and I absolute LOVE the styling that they did with it. And considering I recently purchased some wooden high-heeled sandals on a recent trip to an ALDO outlet, this might be an absolute win! I just really loved the geometric pattern of this dress and the classic black and white leaves it open to a wide range of accessorizing possibilities, in my opinion.

3.  Lisbon Navy Floral Dress

Now this dress I absolutely ADORE!  It’s sooo 50’s to me but still modern.  I love the bright colors, and I’m usually not a floral person, but I love it!  And the way it fits….AMAZING!  I actually REALLY wanted to do the look they had in their lookbook (pictured below) but the lace top wasn’t available on their site at the time and I couldn’t find a similar one that I liked as much.

But I’ve figured out a look for this that I really like (almost as much lol), so stay tuned for that 🙂

All in all, I’m really happy with my purchases!  Ruche is definitely going to be a new favorite shopping spot for me!  Thanks again Jana! 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T


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