Ode to The Feisty House #19: Wedding Bliss with a Pin Up Vibe

Went to a wedding reception over the weekend for a close family friend; it was really nice and the seasoned couple looked soooo happy 🙂

The day of, I actually couldn’t figure out what to wear and had to get a little help from my super stylish ladies on Twitter to figure out what to wear (S/O to my fashion forward ladies for helping me out)  . I ended up going with these tan peeptoe pumps and I think it turned out pretty nice 🙂

I was really feeling my make up for the occasion; it came out exactly how I wanted it to, which is rare lol.

I even threw on some lashes for the occasion! First time I’ve ever attempted to use those bad boys.  Can you tell? Yeah…no one else could either! SUCCESS! lol

Dress – H&M (on sale at the time for $10!!!)
Black Back Seam tights – HUE brand from Macy’s (again…no pics from the back #fail lol)
Tan Peep-toe platform pumps – 5-7-9 (my mom actually found these puppies on sale for $5!!! I LOVE her! lol)

Love and God Bless,

–  T


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