T Reviews: Revlon Quick Styling Hot Air Kit

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Relaxer Update #2: Creeping to APL

Hey guys!  Time for a hair update!

So Oct. 28th ended my 16 week stretch and it seems like the time just FLEW by this time around!  I felt that my hair was a lot easier to manage even with all the new growth that was coming in.  I think what made it easier was the fact that I didn’t do a lot of manipulation when it came to styling.  I probably flat ironed my hair maybe 4 times during the stretch if even that much.  Most of the time when I washed my hair each week, I would air dry and put it in a bun, simply because it was easy and soooo not time consuming, and I’ve been quite busy with life over the past few months….

But anyways, on to the update.  I relaxed (well my mom relaxed my hair…I still don’t trust myself to do it lol) with ORS Olive Oil Built-In Protection No Lye Relaxer System in Normal strength; that kit is truly AMAZING.  I love everything that comes with it and I got absolutely no burns whatsoever, even though my scalp was itching like crazy for the past week and a half and I’m pretty sure I broke the cardinal rule of not scratching your scalp before a relaxer…smh.  But thankfully, I had no adverse effects with this relaxer.

After I relaxed, washed, and DC’d my hair, I applied my leave-ins and let my hair air dry almost completely (more like I fell asleep with  wet hair and woke up to really big air dried hair…smh). Then I used a new styling tool that I purchased recently:


I’m actually gonna be doing a more in-depth review of this product in an upcoming YouTube video.  But in short, I LOVED it! Cut my drying and styling time in half!  Here are some pics of the final results:

I’d say that looks like a success to me…but yeah, more details to come 🙂

Now let’s take a look at the progress!


March 25, 2011

July 8, 2011

October 28, 2011

Yay! As you can see from this pic, I am grazing APL!  And this is AFTER the trim I got when I went BACK TO BLACK for my 23rd bday. I think that’s pretty awesome!  Hopefully by the time next relaxer comes I will have fully conquered APL and will be able to move on to the next milestone: BSL!

Time to embark on another 16 weeks!  See you guys around February 17th! 🙂

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Muy Interesante: Real Faith Leads to Obedience

*taken from today’s Sabbath School Lesson

Paul has argued strongly for the supremacy of faith in a person’s relationship with God. He has repeatedly stated that neither circumcision nor any other “works of law” are a prerequisite to salvation, “because by works of the law no one will be justified” (Gal. 2:16, ESV). Moreover, it is not the works of the law but faith that is the defining mark of the believer (Gal. 3:7). This repeated negation of the works of the law raises the question, “Does the law have absolutely no value, then? Did God do away with the law?”

Paul’s argument in Romans 3 parallels his discussion about faith and law in Galatians. Sensing that his comments might lead some to conclude that he is exalting faith at the expense of the law, Paul asks the rhetorical question, “Do we then overthrow the law by this faith?” (ESV). The word translated as “overthrow” in Romans 3:31 (ESV) is katargeo. Paul uses the word frequently, and it can be translated as “to nullify” (Rom. 3:3, ESV), “to abolish” (Eph. 2:15), “to brought to nothing” (Rom. 6:6, ESV), or even to destroy (1 Cor. 6:13). Clearly, if Paul wanted to endorse the idea that the law was somehow done away with at the cross, as some people today claim he taught, this would have been the time. But Paul not only denies that sentiment with an emphatic no, he actually states that his gospel “establishes” the law!

“The plan of justification by faith reveals God’s regard for His law in demanding and providing the atoning sacrifice. If justification by faith abolishes law, then there was no need for the atoning death of Christ to release the sinner from his sins, and thus restore him to peace with God.

“Moreover, genuine faith implies in itself an unreserved willingness to fulfill the will of God in a life of obedience to His law. . . . Real faith, based on wholehearted love for the Saviour, can lead only to obedience.”—The SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 6, p. 510.

Think through the implications if Paul did, indeed, mean that faith nullifies the need to keep the law. Would then, for instance, adultery no longer be sin, or stealing, or even murder? Think about the sorrow, pain, and suffering you could spare yourself if you merely obeyed God’s law. What suffering have you or others gone through totally as a result of disobedience to God’s law?

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– T

Muy Interesante: There’s only ONE Way of Salvation

*taken from yesterday’s Sabbath School Lesson

Some mistakenly conclude that the Bible teaches two ways of salvation. They claim that in Old Testament times salvation was based on keeping the commandments; then, because that did not work very well, God abolished the law and made salvation possible by faith. This could not be farther from the truth. As Paul wrote in Galatians 1:7, there is only one gospel.

We often hear the phrase “cheap grace.” Yet, it’s a misnomer. Grace isn’t cheap—it’s free (at least for us). But we ruin it when we think that we can add to it by our works or when we think we can use it as an excuse to sin. In your own experience, which one of these two ways are you more inclined to lean toward, and how can you stop?

Love and God Bless,

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Soooo….I’m pretty sure boyfriend blazers are gonna be my favorite item of clothing for the fall.  They just have the ability to add another dimension and depth to any outfit.  I love it.  So yeah…this is just a random post dedicated to summarizing how I’ve rocked my boyfriend blazer collection so far.  BUT! Be sure!  This isn’t the last you’ve seen of the boyfriend blazers! 🙂

Navy Blue Boyfriend Blazer - Forever21

Dusty Rose Boyfriend Blazer - H&M

Maroon Boyfriend Blazer - Forever21

Black Boyfriend Blazer - Express

It’s blazin’ season! lol 🙂

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Muy Interesante: Justification Leads to Obedience

*taken from today’s Sabbath School Lesson

Consider Paul’s quotation of Genesis 15:6. What does it mean when it says that Abraham’s faith was “counted . . . to him for righteousness”? (See also Rom. 4:3–6, 8–11, 22–24.)

Whereas justification was a metaphor taken from the legal world, the word counted or reckoned is a metaphor drawn from the domain of business. It can mean “to credit” or “to place something to one’s account.” Not only is it used of Abraham in Galatians 3:6, but it occurs another 11 times in connection with the patriarch. Some Bible versions translate it as counted, reckoned, or imputed.

According to Paul’s metaphor, what is placed to our accounts is righteousness. The question is, however, On what basis does God count us as righteous? It surely cannot be on the basis of obedience—despite what Paul’s opponents claimed. No matter what they said about Abraham’s obedience, Scripture says that it was because of Abraham’s faith that God counted him as righteous.

The Bible is clear: Abraham’s obedience was not the ground of his justification; it was, instead, the result. He didn’t do the things he did in order to be justified; he did them because he, already, was justified. Justification leads to obedience, not vice versa.

Dwell on what this means—that you are justified not by anything you do but only by what Christ has done for you. Why is that such good news? How can you learn to make that truth your own; that is, to believe it applies to you, personally, no matter your struggles, past and even present?

Love and God Bless,

– T

Ode to The Feisty House #18: Polka Dots for Lee’s Bday

So I went out to celebrate one of my really good friend’s bday and I decided to wear polka dots in her honor since she’s kind of in love with them lol. And spiced it up with just a pop of color 🙂

FYI:  Ever since my pics with JCKA Photography came out, my little sis has decided she wants her own camera and is currently using me as her test model. I can dig it…lol

She was sooooo excited about this shot! 🙂

Black blazer – Express
White top with black polka dots – H&M
Trousers – H&M
Shoes – Payless
Nails – Zoya Nail Polish in “Elodie” 

Hope you had a great birthday boo! I sure enjoyed celebrating it with you! 🙂

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