Ode to The Feisty House #12: Nude + Red

So I don’t even know why I decided I wanted to be fancy on the day Irene was coming to visit…but I did.  And Yup…you’ve all seen this dress before, in my very first Ode to The Feisty House post actually..  Decided to pump (no pun intended) it up a bit with a different color.

These photos of Minka Kelly were my inspiration for the color palette (to tell you the truth, I’d really like to find this dress; the modest length, neckline, and fit have church swag written all over it…):

And here’s how it turned out 🙂

Every girl needs some red high heels in her life...in my humble opinion lol

Hair – Bantu knot out
Dress – H&M
Clutch – Thrifted (from the Trade show I talked about in my recent video; I’m leaning more towards thinking that it’s a knock off…but oh well.  The clutch is still fab.  And considering I didn’t know who Tory Burch was before I bought this purse…no L taken lol)
Red Platform Pumps – Charlotte Russe
Nails – OPI Nail polish in Shanghai Shimmer (my all time favorite nail color EVER!)

Love and God Bless,

– T


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