T’s “T-Day” Wish List! :-)

So it is officially exactly one month until my 23rd Birthday on September 28 (yup, turning 23) and I was trying to figure out what I wanted for my birthday…and I feel like I’ve probably reached that age.  You know…the age when you stop getting birthday presents?  I hate to think that but…such is life.

But I figured it would be fun to put a “T-Day Wish List” together anyways, with some realistic items, and the others…not so much lol.  So here goes: in no particular order


1.  I really would like to see “The Lion King” in 3D.  It’s being re-released in 3D in theaters for two weeks beginning September 16th, just in time for my birthday!  The Lion King is one of my all time favorite Disney movies and just IMAGINE that bad boy in 3D!  Just the thought of that stampede! *CHILLS!*

2.  A paid for trip to the spa.  What girl doesn’t want to be pampered?  I’ve had exactly…2 massages ever in my life? I think that’s about right.  And I’m about ready for another one…lol

3.  A real date.  Doesn’t matter where or doing what.  Wait…a date with food involved.  Y’all know I’m always hungry!  I just think that it would be a pretty awesome bday gift just to have a nice, attractive young man treat me to a night out to celebrate my birthday…#thatisall. lol

4.  Flowers with a sweet but mysterious note from a secret admirer.  How cool would that be???  LOL!  But…one would actually need a secret admirer for that to happen though…huh….

5.  All my student loans paid off. [ -______- ]
Yeah I know it’s just my birthday, not Christmas; no miracles about to go down

6.  A new car.  This is where Oprah would’ve come in handy but…clearly. SMH.  My baby Emmy is hangin in there though!  She’s a ’93 Honda Accord and still going strong (please Jesus, just keep her going til after my Pediatric Intern Year)

7.  A gift card/certificate to ASOS.com. Never purchased from them, but from their website…their dresses are so fab…but as everyone knows, I’m on a budget, which is kinda killin the purchasing that I would like to do.  So a voucher for them would be SO amazing.

8.  A photo shoot with any one of the many talented photographers that I have the pleasure of calling acquaintances.  Okay, I know like 3 but whatever.  They are all very talented and I think it would be so much fun to be a pretend model again.  Not calling any names though, y’all know who you are!  But we’ll talk… 🙂

9.  A new fragrance.  Got a few that I have my eye on…but I don’t need a new perfume, therefore, I won’t be buying one for myself.  But.  For a birthday present, I would GLADLY accept 🙂

10Spiritual enlightenment.  Specifically, I really need to work more on my walk and relationship with God.  I don’t feel like I’ve been treating Him well at ALL.  He’s been so good to me and I know there so much He wants to reveal to me and blessings that He’s just waiting to pour out.  But I’m also aware that there’s no way I can receive any of that if I’m not feeding that relationship and helping it to grow.  So definitely praying that He will give me the strength to do better.

And that’s all I can think of right now!  I hope you guys enjoyed this little blurb.  And feel free to hook me up with anything on the wish list if you feel so impressed…..lol.  But um….for real though…..

Love and God Bless,

– T


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