Muy Interesante: A JOYOUS Worship Experience

*taken from today’s Adult Sabbath School Quarterly Lesson Study

One of the great struggles facing the church in our time today has to do with worship and worship styles. On one end, church services can be cold, formal, stale, and definitely without joy. The other danger is that emotions become the dominant factor: all people want to do is have a good time, “rejoicing” in the Lord at the expense of any kind of strict adherence to biblical truths.

An important point to remember, a lesson that we can learn from the sanctuary model, is that all true worship, which should lead to rejoicing, must do so in the context of biblical truth. God gave the Israelites very clear, strict, and formal instructions regarding the construction of the sanctuary and its ministry and services, all of which were meant to teach them the truths of Salvation, Redemption, mediation, and judgment. And yet, at the same time, they were to rejoice before the Lord in their worship. This theme appears over and over again. It should be clear, then, that one can be very strong in biblical teaching and at the same time have a joyous worship experience.

After all, if the truths of Salvation, Redemption, mediation, and judgment are not worth rejoicing over, what is?


Love and God Bless,

– T


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