T-Money Week 3 aka “The Total Fail”

You guys…I completely failed this week as far as sticking to my budget.  I had my trip to Philly for my Step 2 CS and that stress along with all the stuff that went wrong over those 24 hours caused me to fall back into an old bad habit…EMOTIONAL SHOPPING!!!  As a result, my budget suffered quite a bit…*sigh* Here are last week’s results….

So after talking with my spending/budget buddy Natalie (and you can visit her blog HERE), we decided a good way to offset the cost would be to lower the shopping portion of the budget to $20 for the next few weeks, until the money we save balances out however much we overspent.  So for example.  I overspent about $60.  My regular shopping budget is $50.  So I would have to survive on $20 for shopping for about two weeks to offset the cost of how much I over-shopped this past week.  I hope you guys got that…lol.  I figured lowering the spending budget would be waaay more feasible than not shopping at all (you guys know how I get).  So…let’s see if I can survive the next two weeks on a $20 shopping budget…lol.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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