Hey Everyone!

Once again thanks to everyone out there that actually reads my blog whenever I post something new.  I’m really glad that this outlet for me is of some interest to you 🙂

With that said, just wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a semi-hiatus for a little while.  It will be a complete hiatus for the rest of the week, and then a semi-hiatus as far as probably not posting as much as I have been lately.  It’s an important time in my med school career so I really need to make sure I dedicate as much time as possible to getting everything as close to perfect as I possibly can, and of course that means some sacrifice of the fun stuff, and for me that’s the amount of time that I put into the blog.  The latest I’ll be back FULL FORCE is probably Mid- to Late-September.  So I hope that you guys can stick it out with me til then!  And I do have almost 200 posts on this bad boy so if you missed any, you can use this break time to catch up! 🙂

See you guys on the flip side!

Love and God Bless,

– T


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