T Money Version 2.0

Hey guys!  So as noted in my last post, it’s about that time again.  I’m pretty much gonna be doing the same thing that I did for the last T-Money Challenge.  I will be “fasting” from buying certain things and trying to adhere to a strict budget for the next three months, until my birthday.  So here are the deets!

TIME PERIODJune 26, 2011 – September 25, 2011 (13 weeks)

BUYING FASTI will be refraining from buying:  clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, hair products.  The only time I will buy any of these things is if they need to be replaced or re-stocked.  I seriously do NOT need any extra products/clothes/accessories.  I need to leave shopping ALONE!  Pray for a sistah…


***UPDATED 6/30/11***
***No clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty/hair products for the next 3 months***
Food = $15/day (including groceries so I can bring my own food from home and also accommodate for going out to lunch/dinner every now and then)= $1,365 in 3 months
Gas = $55/wk (imma need to make that work)  = $715 in 3 months
School Stuff = $300 (for applications, etc, etc.) over the next 3 months
Necessities = $60/mo(toiletries replacements, restocks, grooming/eyebrows, etc.) = $180 in 3 months
Emergency fund = $300 (car breaking down, emergency trips, etc.) over the next 3 months
Fun Fund = $30/wk = $390 in 3 months
Leisure Shopping Allowance = $50/wk = $650 in 3 months
GRAND TOTAL = $3,600 with NO wiggle room

I just really hope that I can stick to it and not go over-budget at any time.

How do you guys make sure that you don’t overspend?  PLEASE comment and let me know.  Go forth, and SAVE! 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T


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