H2Pro on Natural Hair

My sister recently asked me to press her hair out.  She’s in middle school, is 100% natural, and her natural hair is absolutely GORGEOUS in my opinion.  I get hair envy every now and then…lol.  But you know the youngins, they never appreciate what they have man!  But with my help (and all the blogs/vlogs out there) she’s been really good with protective styling (braids especially) and things of that nature and probably has her hair straighten 4 times a year if even that much. 

But yeah, she asked me to do her hair in a straight style for her and of course I did.  That’s what big sisters are for, right? lol  So after she washed and deep conditioned her hair, I applied all the leave ins, including grape seed oil, and blew out her hair using a blow dryer with my comb attachment.  Then I flat ironed her hair using my H2Pro Allegro 1″.  And her hair looked absolutely FABULOUS!  It’s really grown quite a bit since the last time I straightened it for her.  And I must say the H2Pro did a very good job getting her natural hair straight, bouncy, and shiney.  Lots of body.

Wet hair with product in it

Hair blown out:


Flat Iron Final Results

I think it looks pretty awesome!

Love and God Bless,

– T


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