T Money Version 2.0 **UPDATE**: Shopping Allowance added to my Budget

Sooooo….after discussing it with my fellow budget buddy Natalie (you can visit her blog, where she’s doing a phenomenal job of chronicling her budget experience and offers GREAT advice as she goes along, HERE), I realized that cutting out shopping cold turkey is totally not good for my health.  Totally. Not.

So I decided to just give myself a weekly shopping budget to which I’d have to stick.  I honestly think that would be just as hard as not shopping at all.  So my weekly Leisure Shopping Budget (and this is for clothes, make up, nail polish, things of that nature) will be $50/week = $650.  This brings my new total budget for the next 13 weeks or so to:  $3,600.

I’ve added all this info to my T Money Version 2.0 Post, so you can see all the OTHER details there, if you haven’t already checked it out.

Hope you guys are getting ready for a fun and responsible 4th of July weekend!

Love and God Bless,

– T


Ode to the Feisty House #3: Wedding in T Dot

This weekend I was sooo happy to go to Canada to see my family and witness one of my cousins getting married.  He and his now wife are such a beautiful couple.  I tried out the “phony pony” for the wedding.  First time ever in life lol.  And I think it turned out pretty nice.  Check out the pics 🙂


Hair – FreeTress Shake-N-Go DrawString Ponytail Futura Yaky Straight 12 inch
Nails – Essie “Wrapped in Rubies”
Dress – Eric Daman (the man behind the clothing for “Gossip Girl”) for Charlotte Russe
Shoes – a store in New York that I can’t remember the name of…lol

Love and God Bless,

– T

T Money Version 2.0

Hey guys!  So as noted in my last post, it’s about that time again.  I’m pretty much gonna be doing the same thing that I did for the last T-Money Challenge.  I will be “fasting” from buying certain things and trying to adhere to a strict budget for the next three months, until my birthday.  So here are the deets!

TIME PERIODJune 26, 2011 – September 25, 2011 (13 weeks)

BUYING FASTI will be refraining from buying:  clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty products, hair products.  The only time I will buy any of these things is if they need to be replaced or re-stocked.  I seriously do NOT need any extra products/clothes/accessories.  I need to leave shopping ALONE!  Pray for a sistah…


***UPDATED 6/30/11***
***No clothes, shoes, accessories, beauty/hair products for the next 3 months***
Food = $15/day (including groceries so I can bring my own food from home and also accommodate for going out to lunch/dinner every now and then)= $1,365 in 3 months
Gas = $55/wk (imma need to make that work)  = $715 in 3 months
School Stuff = $300 (for applications, etc, etc.) over the next 3 months
Necessities = $60/mo(toiletries replacements, restocks, grooming/eyebrows, etc.) = $180 in 3 months
Emergency fund = $300 (car breaking down, emergency trips, etc.) over the next 3 months
Fun Fund = $30/wk = $390 in 3 months
Leisure Shopping Allowance = $50/wk = $650 in 3 months
GRAND TOTAL = $3,600 with NO wiggle room

I just really hope that I can stick to it and not go over-budget at any time.

How do you guys make sure that you don’t overspend?  PLEASE comment and let me know.  Go forth, and SAVE! 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T

H2Pro on Natural Hair

My sister recently asked me to press her hair out.  She’s in middle school, is 100% natural, and her natural hair is absolutely GORGEOUS in my opinion.  I get hair envy every now and then…lol.  But you know the youngins, they never appreciate what they have man!  But with my help (and all the blogs/vlogs out there) she’s been really good with protective styling (braids especially) and things of that nature and probably has her hair straighten 4 times a year if even that much. 

But yeah, she asked me to do her hair in a straight style for her and of course I did.  That’s what big sisters are for, right? lol  So after she washed and deep conditioned her hair, I applied all the leave ins, including grape seed oil, and blew out her hair using a blow dryer with my comb attachment.  Then I flat ironed her hair using my H2Pro Allegro 1″.  And her hair looked absolutely FABULOUS!  It’s really grown quite a bit since the last time I straightened it for her.  And I must say the H2Pro did a very good job getting her natural hair straight, bouncy, and shiney.  Lots of body.

Wet hair with product in it

Hair blown out:


Flat Iron Final Results

I think it looks pretty awesome!

Love and God Bless,

– T

Ode to The Feisty House #2: New York State of Mind

Hey guys!  So this past weekend my fam and I paid a visit to NY for Guyana Day (a weekend where all the Guyanese SDAs gather in NY to reunite and raise funds for missionary work in our country) and we had an awesome time.  TRANSLATION:  I slept pretty much the whole weekend.  WOMP WOMP!  I really wanted to do a whole lot more than sleep but, there will always be a next time…Until then, enjoy the pics! 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T