Personal Post inspired by Gretchen Parlato’s “Still”

After listening to this song a countless number of times and then seeing Gretchen Parlato performing it live last night, I just had to do a blog post on this.  The song:  “Still”.  The message:   Unconditional Love.

The song for me does two things:

1.  Reminds me of God’s unconditional love for us.  He says “Even if you do XYZ, I still love”.  “No matter WHAT you say or do, I still love.”  How awesome is that???  So undeserved….but yet He does it free of charge, no strings attached.

2.  Inspires me to cultivate that type of love.  How many of us can say “Even if he makes me cry, I still love.”  “Even when things fall apart, I still love; Even if you break my heart, I still love.”  That is a super difficult pill to swallow!  Yet that is exactly what we’re called to do in every aspect of our lives and in all of our relationships. 

Seriously, this love business, romantic and non, is something that people spend millions of dollars (I’m assuming) and countless moments of life trying to understand and we probably will never be able to fully wrap our heads around it.  Only God knows, which kinda makes sense since that’s what He is lol (1 John 4:8 – “God is love”).  And since our human minds can’t fully understand who God is….I guess it’s no wonder we find it hard to completely understand love….But that’s a whole other story.  Mercy lol.

My prayer for today is just that God helps me to keep working towards developing that unconditional love towards my fellow-man:  my family, my friends, in my relationships:  platonic and romantic; my future hubby…and even the stranger I may meet on the street.  May I whole heartedly be able to say: 

Through my joy and through my pain, I still love
Like the sun that follows rain, I still love
No beginning and no end, I still love
Love so love comes back again, I still love

Love and God Bless,

– T


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