The Artist Spotlight: Yvette Rovira

♫ Be, Be the change that you want, wanna see in the world; Everybody stand up! ♫

This is the message that Yvette Rovira belts out to open up her self-titled album Yvette Rovira, the soulful and soul-lifting album by this talented Berklee Alum.  As it turns out, Yvette isn’t just an amazing musician, but she’s also a very awesome person, as she very generously agreed to give some insight into her music and her life right here,  for all of her fans (YAY!!! lol)  BUT enough from me….


T = Ms. T
YR = Yvette Rovira


T:  You’ve been in the game for quite some time now, even to the extent of majoring in singing and songwriting at Berklee College of Music. What would you consider your “big break” as far as getting into the music industry?
 I have been singing since I was an 8-year-old kid with a karaoke machine. There have been a lot of opportunities over the years that have inspired me to keep pursuing my passions. But I’ll say that everything really began rolling last year once I signed on to work with award-winning producer Rob Mounsey.

T:  I first was introduced to your amazing talent while watching a little reality show called “What Chilli Wants”. How did THAT come about? And what has been the response since your songs “Smile” and “Let’s Go Out Tonight” were featured on VH1?
Vh1 and MTV have been really supportive of me and I think the biggest value comes from establishing a relationship with them. I was blessed in recently getting the opportunity to produce a music video with their support and blessings. And of course it gave me the opportunity to present my music on a larger scale, obtain new fans and meet people like you 🙂

T:  **BIG SMILE** Thanks!  And we’ll definitely have to keep a look out for that video!  Along with your solo career, you’re also part of a band named “Lifted Crew”.  What’s the biggest difference between working in a band and being a solo artist, besides of course, being by yourself? LOL
The biggest difference is that you have other people’s opinions to consider when it comes to decisions, songwriting, creative endeavors…But if you’re lucky, like I am, you get the opportunity to rock with insanely talented people who inspire you everyday.

T:  How would you describe your music style as an artist?
  I am very eclectic when it comes to my music taste. I really love and appreciate different things about each genre. But I am an old school R&B soul girl. That’s my favorite music to sing because it has so much heart and style. 
T:  So I read that you had a hand in writing 10 out of the 12 songs that were on your self-titled album, Yvette Rovira. That’s amazing! Where do you find the inspiration for your songs?
Inspiration comes from living. it can come from anything really. Everywhere you look, there’s a story you can create. But I tend to write mostly from my life experiences and opinions.
T:  What song is your favorite from your self-titled album?
YR: I don’t have a favorite song. i have favorites and least favorites for different reasons.  I enjoy the first half of the album the best probably.
T:  What has been the most exciting moment in your career thus far?
Probably the first time I saw my music on TV. IT was in a promo for fantasia’s tv show and Tyler perry’s “for colored girls”. There is no feeling like the first time you hear your music on tv or the radio.

T:  So what’s next for you???
 The next few months are gonna be spent recording my new album, touring with my band nationally and some international stints, as well as some gigs with Slick Rick. Also debuting my music video soon. And working on some great charity gigs with the CWS.

 (here’s a vid of Yvette for CWS)

T:  What advice would you give to other young artists like yourself trying to break into the industry?
It takes a lot of patience, on top of faith, innovative ideas, passion, drive, integrity. All of those things will be important. aLSO, IT’S REALLY IMPORTANT TO BE BUSINESS Savvy and innovative. There is no one path to making it these days, since the labels aren’t what they used to be. So create your own path and be someone who has integrity especially with yourself. It’s gonna take you fulfilling your commitments to yourself to make this happen so shoot big to win big.  If you commit to writing 5 songs a week, and practicing a certain amount of hours, honor that commitment to yourself.  It builds strength, character and you’ll become someone who’s word has the type of integrity to make things happen.



T:  Your heritage/ethnicity?
My mother is from Honduras and my dad is English and Irish mostly. They both have Spanish ancestry as well.

T:  Favorite food ever?
My favorite food ever is Japanese.  I’m obsessed with sushi and would eat it for every meal if that were feasible.

T:  One hair product or styling tool that you absolutely can’t live without?
 I have this flat-iron called the Royale. This thing works like a dream, better than anything I’ve used. It also curls, makes waves and straightens using UV lights rather than heat. So it leaves your hair healthier than other styling tools would.

T:  If you could own only one make up item for the rest of your life, what would it be?
YR:  OOOOHHH Tough question. I am a blush, mascara, lip gloss kinda girl. Necessities. But I guess I could always wear shades and stay tan. So lipgloss is a must. My favorite of the moment is Rosebud with Peppermint.

  Favorite item of clothing you own?
I’d have to say my black leather jacket. It has a hood and it’s so cozy. Perfect for NYC weather. But what I really adore is designer Samantha House’s jewelry. Great jewelry pieces can make any outfit pop. And I adore jewelry.


Yvette’s self-titled Album Yvette Rovira is available on iTunes for purchase right NOW.  Check it out by clicking on the pic below!

Stay tuned for more amazing artists and their stories.  VISIT HERE to find out how YOU can be featured.

The Artist Spotlight. SHINE. 


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  1. Hey! Good job on the interview! I like how you found a way to bring it back to hair and makeup. But you know what I would have wanted you to ask her about right? 😉 Uh huh. Ya shoulda asked her girl! Lol

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