Muy Interesante: Staring in the Mirror

The lesson on Sunday from this new quarter’s bible study guide.  Some serious truth right here…

Police officers in three cars converged on a woman who was driving and forced her to the side of the road. They then approached the car, their weapons drawn. The woman was horrified as she got out, her hands raised. “What did I do?” she asked, trembling with fear. They asked to see her registration, and after a few minutes everyone relaxed and the guns went back into their holsters. “Please,” she said, “what was wrong? Why did you pull me over?” “Well,” one of the officers said, “we saw you driving like a maniac and making obscene gestures at other drivers.” “For that you pulled me over with weapons drawn?” “No, ma’am,” answered the officer, “it was just that we saw the bumper sticker with the Christian symbols, and we assumed the car had been stolen.”

This (we admit) silly story illustrates a sad point: not all Christians, or those professing Christ, have lived up to the high standards that their faith calls them to. Some do better than others, but we all fall short.

What Christian, looking in the mirror, stares in the face of someone who is perfectly reflecting the character of Jesus? What Christian, no matter how faithful, staring in the mirror, can claim any kind of righteousness for himself or for herself? What Christian, staring in the mirror, isn’t horrified by what he or she knows lurks beneath the surface?

When was the last time you took a deep look at yourself, your thoughts, your innermost motives, and your desires? What did you see? How scary was it? What is your only hope?

Just some food for thought as you go through this week.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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