Stretch Week #5: 1950’s Pin-Up Bun (kinda lol)

To achieve this style I once again washed and conditioned my hair with KeraCare then did my protein treatment with ApHogee.  Then I applied my leave-ins, switching it up a little bit and using this new beauty right here:

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship (HELTR) Leave-In Split End Protector for Long Hair (dang that’s a mouthful…)

Yes this is the product that my product junky-ism compelled me to purchase.  I’ve been hearing about this product for the LONGEST and just never picked it up.  So after convincing myself that I did need a moisturizer while I’m out here freezing in the Midwest, besides my Neutrogena leave-in which is a bit thin (great for not weighing my hair down when it’s straight but not thick enough if I’m wearing it otherwise) I decided to pick this up from my local Target .  Would you believe that this bottle was the LAST one available?  AND they were having a crazy sale on it so had I been there probably a couple of hours later, I might not have found this bad boy???  It was meant to be!  lol  I really love the smell (Red Raspberry) and it is very moisturizing!  I’m loving it so far.  We’ll see if it goes the distance 🙂

So yeah…I applied the HELTR to my hair in sections along with my other leave-ins (minus the neutrogena) then I put probably…6-8 braids in my hair using Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In and coconut oil to seal.  I let the braids dry overnight, undid them in the morning and upgraded my last bun just a teeny-tiny bit to do this style:

 14 Weeks Post-Relaxer

And that’s all folks!  I’m actually contemplating going to get a trim while I’m out here because my hair needs it, DESPERATELY!  And for this next weekly wash, it would be the perfect time since it’s supposed to be my week for flat ironing.  I’m thinking about going to  Hair Cuttery here in town but I’m very skeptical.  I don’t like just anyone going all up in my hair, I’ve been a victim of scissor-happy stylists in the past so I’m being very cautious.  Well, I guess we’ll find out in Stretch Week #6! 😉

Love and God Bless,

– T


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