Muy Interesante: God’s Lessons of Love

This was too long to put in a Facebook status so decided to post it here because I really wanted to share. This is just a snippet of what I read this morning.

[…] picture God laughing and saying “See? I got your attention!  I’m still here. 

My pressence is all around you, like the ripples on the water.  I stand at the center of your life and bathe you in My love.  Do not fear gloomy days; I amwith you through it all.  Look up, not down!”

Thank Y

ou Lord for always,

always being there whe

n I am low; and for sending me messages of encouragement by such ordinary means. Draw near me this day and open my eyes to see you at work in everything.”

– taken from A Word From Home: a daily devotional

Love and God Bless,

– T


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