2for1: Stretch Week #3 (The Flat Iron) & Ms. T’s Photoshoot! (^_^)

Hey Guys!  This is so exciting for me lol. 

So before I left to come to Champaign, I was given the opportunity to live out a dream of mine (lol) and be a model for a couple of hours lol.  One of my good friends of Terence Stone Photography (bet you can’t guess what his name is lol) allowed me to be his subject as he worked on some of his lighting skills, and he gave me permission to post some of my faves right here on the blog.  If you’re my Facebook friend you may have already seen these pics since they’ve been posted.  I think they turned out pretty great!  And I got a chance to work on my smeyesing (if you don’t know what that is, you ain’t hip LOL). 

In addition, these pics also show what my hair looked like fresh off the flat-iron, as I washed, blow-dried and straightened my hair the day of the shoot 🙂

Check out the pics below and check out Terence Stone at his photography Facebook page HERE  and “LIKE” his page to get updates on more of his work and contact him if you want yo’ pics takenHopefully he’ll book me for another job…lol

12 Weeks Post-Relaxer 

(these last two are my absolute faves from the shoot)

Thanks again Terence!

Love and God Bless,

– T


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