School Updates

Hey Everyone!   So this is just a quick post to update you guys on what’s been going on with school.  As many of you know, I’m in med school and I am very happy and excited to say that I have successfully completed my third year!!!! YAAAY!!! LOL

Now, it’s time to face the next hurdle, taking the Step 2 exam.  And I am not playing with this bad boy!  So for that reason, I decided to go back to what ended up working for me for step one….which is why I’m here!  No not home…in Champaign, Illinois at the PASS program studying for my exam.  It is a really amazing and intense review program and I had to come back because it really helped me with Step 1.  I’ll be here for about four and a half more weeks and I’ll be taking my exam out here.

Needless to say, I will be extremely focused.  As a result, I probably won’t be posting on my blog very frequently but I’m dedicating my weekends to sharing with you guys.  I really appreciate people taking the time out to stop by and read so I actually want to give you all something TO read.  You deserve it! lol

So yeah…please keep me in your prayers as God and I do our best to knock this test outta the park!!!

Love and God Bless,

– T


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