Personal Hair Challenge: The Stretch

Hey Guys.  Was just getting ready to head to bed before getting some rest.  All this snow in the DMV just made me wanna blog and be lazy.  But with this shelf exam coming up can’t really do that for extended time periods…but I digress.

I’ll be going out-of-town for a little bit to study for my Step 2 exam and along with the semi-stress of that I’ve been thinking about what to do with my hair.  Last time I want my hair did really well because that’s when I really started washing it every week consistently.  So I was contemplating whether or not to get a relaxer before I go.  This week will make it 10 weeks since my last relaxer on 11/16/10.  I was really trying to stretch my relaxer until at least 12 weeks.  However, as I was thinking about this, I realized that this trip would be the perfect way for me to experiment with stretching out my relaxer, because if I don’t get it done here, I’m not getting it done there; I don’t know how I feel about going to a random to do my hair.  Well I do know, and from past experience, it’s not happening lol.  So, if I postponed my relaxer until I got back to the DMV at the end of march that would be a good 18 weeks of stretching.  That’s 4 and a half months.  I feel like with the proper care and adequate styling, staying away from excessive heat (I will still be flat ironing my hair however) and such, my hair could really thrive and I could possibly see a noticeable difference in its length, thickness, and overall health.

So guess what guys, I’m gonna do it!!!  I even came up with a plan to help me along, in case you’re interested.  I’ll pretty much be using all of my regular products.  HOWEVER, since I’ve been struggling with hair dryness during this winter, and knowing that where I’m going the winter weather is waaaay more harsh than down here, I’ve decided to switch up my deep conditioner and try something new that I saw on one of my fave blogs The Feisty House.

Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Trauma Masque

We’ll see how this works out but it’s supposed to be quite moisturizing which is pretty much what I need.

In addition I’m thinking about purchasing a detangler that I saw on another fave blog of mine, Hairlicious Inc.

Mane N Tail Detangler

Sunshyne (the blogger on the site) stated that she felt it was VERY helpful in detangler her new growth, which would be so beneficial during this process.

Here’s what the plan’s looking like:

I will definitely be keeping you guys posted as I go on this challenge.  I’m sure there will be some struggles along the way, but I think I can really do this!  And hopefully I’ll be able to see some good come of this 🙂

Love and God Bless,

– T


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