Review: Urban Decay “All Nighter” Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

So I have definitely been meaning to do this blog post for a while now.  I purchased this product about….a month ago, I think, at my local Sephora because I had heard about it and thought I’d give it a shot.

Urban Decay All Nighter
Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

Description:  (as per

What it is:
A revolutionary, technologically advanced makeup-setting spray that’s suited for all skin types and keeps your makeup in place for up to 16 hours.

What it does:
It’s the new final step to your makeup routine! This weightless, super-fine mist holds foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and concealer in place so that makeup looks picture-perfect all day long. Temperature Control Technology prevents makeup from a melt down when it’s warm and avoids makeup dehydration and cracking when it’s cold. All Nighter works expertly on all skin types and prevents loss of color, melting, sliding, caking, cracking, excess shininess, fading blush, eyeshadow, and lip color disappearance. AND it’s formulated to resist moisture, so you can fearlessly sweat, cry, or get your Jacuzzi on—you’re guaranteed makeup that always looks just-applied, without ever feeling sticky or tight. Backed by years of science, All Nighter is simply unlike any other product available and keeps you looking flawless with just a couple of sprays on top of your makeup.

Now that’s a lot of promise, isn’t it?  Now that I’ve tried it quite a few times I have to say that it’s not a bad product at all.  I had to experiment with the application process a little bit to see what would work best for me.  And this is what I’ve found is the key for my make up lasting a pretty long time without touch ups:

1.  Apply my Milk of Magnesia and Laura Mercier Oil free primer.  Mist on the UD Setting spray.

2.  Apply my liquid foundation.  Mist on the UD Setting spray

3.  Apply setting powder, eye products, and lip products.  Mist on the UD Setting spray.

So pretty much, I put it on between layers to help everything stick better which for me = longer wear.

So on this particular day, I put my make up on around 9 am and here’s what it looked like then:

And here are a few pics around 7 pm with no touch ups at all ( so yeah, didn’t do the full 16 hours.  I really try not to keep make up on that long…ever lol)

I was sleepy yall…lol

And there you have it.  I think it’s a pretty good product.  This setting spray in combination with my milk of magnesia has really helped to control the oil on my face (because I have pretty oily skin) a WHOLE lot.  Definitely gonna keep using it.  And maybe I’ll try the other spray in the series, Urban Decay “De-Slick” Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray.  They didn’t have this one at Sephora but I saw it recently at my local ULTA.  That may give an even better defense against the oil and shine so I guess we’ll see :-). 

If any of you out there have used this as well, let me know what your thoughts are on the product.  And let me know if you decide to try it out for yourself.

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Love and God Bless,

– T


2 thoughts on “Review: Urban Decay “All Nighter” Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

  1. What is this milk of magnesia stuff that u mentioned helps control oil? any other recommendations for preventing oiliness? i’ve found that using a powder foundation instead of liquid helps. what has ur experience been with liquid vs. powder foundation?

    • Hey girl 🙂

      Okay so Milk of Magnesia (MOM) is the main ingredient that you find in Philip’s stool softener stuff and can also be used as an antacid. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous but there’s the thing. Physiologicaly, when MOM is ingested, it acts to draw water out of surrounding tissues to increase water content in stool so it’s easier for people to go. It works in kind of a similar fashion on the face. When applied it helps to absorb any excess oil or unwanted moisture on the face so that there’s less shine throughout the day. I’ve found that when applied under my foundation primer or regular moisturizer it really does help with controlling oil.

      As far as powder vs. liquid foundation, I’ve tried them both. And I have to admit that I initially was not very fond of liquid foundation at all because of my oily skin. It would start melting in no time. But I’ve found with the right prepping products (MOM, foundation primer, setting powder, and now this setting spray). Liquid foundation is awesome! It gives really even coverage and definitely doesn’t give the cakey appearance that I’ve experienced with many powder foundations.

      Thanks for commenting and I hope this helped! And if you have anymore questions feel free to ask! 🙂

      – T

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