What if there’s a bigger picture? ~ P&W: Matthew West

You know…lately I’ve really been thinking:  What am I really doing to SERVE?  Seriously, sometimes I feel like I’m one of the most selfish people, because with all the resources I have, I’m not doing nearly enough to help those around me with what they need.  Yes, I know, I’m very good at being a nice person.  And I guess in some way that’s serving:  meeting others’ emotional needs by sometimes just sharing a smile, or lending a helping hand without being asked.  But c’mon.  For real, as much as the world could use more nice, caring people, the world could probably use more food, clothing, and shelter as well.

I recently heard this song by Matthew West on the radio and it really made an impact on me.  I pray that on this Sabbath, you will listen to these words and think about how you can be more selfless and help to meet the needs of others in your own little way.  Not sure how?  Pray about it.  God will reveal to you what gifts of service He’s given to you, as long as you are willing to actually serve.

Love and God Bless,

– T


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