Weekly Wash #10: The Wrap

I finally got the time to wash my hair, it seems like it’s been too long lol.  So this week I was feeling like having semi-straight hair, but since I knew I definitely didn’t feel like having a flat-iron touch my hair, I decided to go another route.

So I washed my hair with my Keracare Products (btw, my hair regimen has pretty much stayed the same, just in case anyone out there was wondering).  Then I DC’d with my Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask.  I then applied all of my leave ins and proceeded to blow dry my hair.  Then to give it some more body I used my curling iron to put some curls in my hair.  Kinda like a cop-out roller set.  Similar effect without having to sit under the dryer for forever.  I used a new product I’ve been playing around with when hot curling my hair, Jane Carter Solution Natural Hold Spray Gel.  So far I’m really like it.  Gives me a defined curl without the crunchiness. 

I’ve tried it with my curlformers and it helps that way as well to give my curls with that more definition (that’s actually what I used to style my hair for the New Year’s party that I attended, curlformer set with this spray gel thrown in with all the other products I usually use; pics HERE 🙂 ).  Not as soft but definitely not hard at all.  Just more formed lol.  And it gives my hair a really nice sheen as well, leaves it feeling moisturized.

Then I wrapped my hair  up for the night

Blow-dried Hair

All the Curls in…

It’s a wrap!

The next morning, I took my hair down and here are the results (*sidenote*:  My roots are EXTRA puffy with new growth, but I’m trying to hold out for at least 3 months before the next relaxer)

(and no I didn’t cut my hair; it just tends to condense at the roots when I have new growth.  Reference Weekly Wash #1 then the very next week, Weekly Wash #2 when I got my relaxer and you’ll kinda see what I mean)

Didn’t come out as straight as I wanted per se, but I still really liked it.  If I had used my flat-iron it would’ve done the trick but no biggie.  Plus I’m really liking the thickness and fullness to my hair right now **two thumbs up**

And there you have it!  Let me know what you guys think and feel free to leave your comments below 🙂

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Love and God Bless,

– T


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